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  1. Did you ever find anything out about Beach wedding studio? Did you end up using them? Im getting married at Excellence Mujeres also and cant fing ANYTHING about them!
  2. Im in the same boat. My wedding is at Excellence Mujires and I can find a single review anywhere online for Beach wedding studio. Its 500 added to the bill if you want your own, but how are you supposed to know if there in no info on them? lol. Good luck and if I find anything I will be sure to let you know
  3. Hello past and future brides! Im new to this (by about 2 minutes) but have read very valuable info. I havent seen any posts since 2010 though. Where are the new ones? Some of the restaurants are no longer there and Im trying to find out where to have my reception and cocktails. We are getting married sept 2014. I know thats hurricane season but Ive heard brides say it was still beautiful weather! thank you for any info.