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  1. This is amazing! THank you!! Can you email this to me too? It wont let me view pics because of the 150 posts. eric.jess2014@yahoo.com
  2. We are getting Married on October 3. SO VERY SOON!! I have so much to do. We are doing a symbolic ceremony. Does anyone know the agenda for this? Do we have readings? Do you do the unity sand thing? We dont want to go with nothing, but I have no idea if the minister they provide just wings it or how it works? A suggested layout would be nice. Thank you!!
  3. I need centerpiece ideas for the reception? Would love to see pictures please! Eric.jess2014@yahoo.com Thank you!!
  4. I need centerpiece ideas or photos? I dont know what i want to travel with?
  5. Girl, you have no idea how much I have to do. I work better under pressure I guess. Can you email me that price list please? eric.jess2014@yahoo.com Thank you so much!!
  6. How did you know how to set up the room? Did you get a floor plan from them? Also, do you suggest sax or guitar for ceremony and what song do you play? I am feeling very overwhelmed with the unknown as I like to be very organized and I have no idea what to do? As far as DJ for the reception, its an extra $1000 on top of everything, so we were thinking about just using Ipod. What are your thoughts? I am curious about this as well? It doesnt list what costs extra and how much, which I dont want biting me in the butt when I get there. I am 10.3.14 wedding and I have NOTHING done! I am so extremely stressed!!!
  7. I think my FI just said it was $300 so I wouldn't hire an outside one, lol. I have no idea where he got that number!! What is everyone considering reasonably priced for a photographer? His prices on the site said starting at $1400 and TTD at $690 (which i would like to do), so that is at around $2000 and I am wondering what that even includes? I just have a photographer that is willing to pay her own travel for her and her assistant and charge me $3500 for her 5 day, 4 night stay and she will photograph the whole time!! That price will also include our at home reception all day. I think its an amazing deal, but my FI thinks I'm crazy!!!!
  8. Hi Ladies! I am getting married October 3, 2014! I am very concerned about the photographer as I want a lot of moments caught on camera. Did a lot of you hire an outside photographer? What were you looking at for pricing? We were thinking to have one travel in, as I read if you bring one in from outside that its $300 extra a day!
  9. We have decide on a estimation wedding in October of 2014. We just have no idea on what day. Anyone know what day people usually get married? We have no idea what resort?! This is so hard! Everyone's reviews are so different. We need it to allow kids and we're focusing on Mexico. Any advice?? Thanks! E&J
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