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  1. Thank you very much for this. I did think this was the case but was just looking at the menu again and panicked as it says at the top of it 'the couple choose 1 of each course'. Haha. Silly me! Yes, we'll have a few children going so they'll be great extras Thanks again.
  2. Hi all. Can I just ask probably a very stupid question.....With the Ultimate package it states that we can have the gold menu for up to 20 guests. Does that mean the food for 20 guests is included in the price and we pay extra for guests over that or do we still have to pay extra for all our guests? I'm very confused lol. Thanks
  3. Aww, I love those colours! They're so nice together. Those dresses are really beautiful too!! I really like the style of those bridesmaids dresses in the picture! Im going to find it difficult to get matching dresses as I will have my 16 year old sister and 5 year old niece and i'm pretty sure my sister wont want to wear what my neice will be haha. I am thinking of dresses similar to these..... The gazebo is beautiful too! I had my heart set on the beach gazebo but when i showed this pic to my OH he really like this as well! Doh!! I have also been scouting around more and found these beautiful flowers...... Decisions decisions haha!! It is soooo exciting though!! Wow, thats great that youre doing a Marathon all the training will definitely occupy your time for a while and take your mind off the calandar watching for a while haha. I need do something like that tbh. Only really just started planning and going mad already haha.
  4. strwbsprkl, Those colours are amazing together. That'll look lovely Yes, you need to get some photo uploading practice so we can see Im thinking of doing some save the date cards but haven't actually booked the date yet lol. We just know it'll be March. I have been researching constantly for the last 2 days and have some colour ideas.... http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/content/type/61/id/221153/width/350/height/700[/img] http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/content/type/61/id/221154/width/350/height/700[/img] I am thinking of making/taking things as well. Just worried about travelling with it all :/ We have to pay for our wedding as well so trying to make it as cheap as possible.
  5. strwbsprkl wow, you're lucky you have family there That is the one problem for me about going somewhere so far away for my wedding is that not many of our friends or family will coming but we'll have our close family there and we will have a big party with everyone when we get back Yes, I think I'm swaying towards the ultimate package then just adding the little extras if needs be or bring some things with us. Do you know what style of dress you are going to get? I have seen one I really like but don't know if is too soon? Haha. I wish this year would hurry up and end coz then we can say we are getting married next year Just seems so long away like you said.
  6. I have no idea! I originally wanted just a deep red to go with ivory but don't think it would fit as well with the style of the wedding so maybe fuchsia and orange?? Do the hotel provide specific colours for the bouquet and table/chair dressing do you know? How about you? Have you decided yet? I thought i had this all planned when I first got engaged 2 years ago but now I've started to actually plan things everything has gone out the window haha.
  7. strwbsprkl, We are planning on DLR in 2015 as well What time of year are you planning? We are thinking March. I emailed the resort and got an email back within a day from Jenny advising me that we cannot book for that date just yet as it is too early but that we can provisionally book a date. The thing is, we are coming from the UK and need to let our guests know asap so they can start saving. We are going to have around 20 guests as far as we know but really dont know what the best option is regarding the wedding packages. I feel soooo confused with it all already. Dont know whether it is best to go for the free package and just add all the extras (Jenny sent me a pricing list of all extras and it seems like it'll be quite pricey) or go for the ultimate package (still some things on the list we do not want/need and other things we would like that are not on the list). We would like to have the ceremony and reception on the beach but like others have said, there may be people sunbathing or swimming in our pictures haha. I love this for the ceremony........ And something like this for the reception........ But worried it may be a bit dark?? Anyway, just dont know where to start!! When will you start planning everything? Will you go through a travel agents or directly through the resort? We have a budget of $8000, this is for the wedding and the holiday/honeymoon!! Im glad im not the only one thats starting to plan so early and its nice we'll be getting married around the same sort of time
  8. strwbsprkl, we are planning on getting married here in 2015 as well Seems soooo long away though! We have only just decided on this resort but our heart in completely set looking at the pictures and reading reviews. When in 2015 are you thinking? We are planning on mid March. Just really dont know where to start. We were thinking of going through a travel agents but cannot book until Dec time if we do it this way and really want to get it booked so that we can let people know in plently of time as we are coming from the UK and people will need to save. We are going to have around 20 guests in total. I have emailed Jenny, the wedding planner at DLR, and she said it is too early to book at the moment but I can temporarily book a date. She also sent me the wedding presentation guide which had all the costs of extras etc but I am really confused as to what we should book. We originally though about the ultimate package but then as a lot of other people stated, there are things in the package that we dont really need but other things that we would like instead. The only issue is we are on a tight budget and have around $8000 for the wedding and holiday/honeymoon so really dont know what the best thing to do is When will you start planning etc?? Im soooo confused.
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