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  1. Thank you Patty! That helped so much...what an eye opener.
  2. @@malyna congrats!!! when the resort confirmed my date we were so happy! How exciting!
  3. Hey! I would say that the Paradisus is modern. They have flat screen TVs in their rooms and their restaurants are very modern looking. It is a beautiful resort hands down. I just came back from a site inspection there. I have pictures if you would like to see them PM me and I can email them to you. I did take a lot of wedding pictures from 2 weddings that went on when I was there...and probably not enough of the rooms. But Ill be happy to share what I have.
  4. thank you! It is a crazy fee. This is for all outside vendors. I'm just glad that their home vendors are great at their job.
  5. I have the wedding on my mind 24/7 too...Every free moment I get I'm on pintrest or fb looking at destination wedding stuff. There are so many good ideas. Thank you for all your responses ladies....I honestly feel so much better about TAs now. I will definitely try to get in touch with Patty...I keep hearing good things about her. STDs. ..what comes next? Lol...I think they have a planning forum too. There is so much information here I love it!
  6. Hi! I just booked with Paradisus Palma Real and Ive been a bridesmaid at a wedding a in Paradisus Punta Cana. What is making the decision difficult for you? maybe I can give you a little insight if you like.
  7. LOL...that makes 3 of us! April 17, 2015!!! So excited! Congrats everyone! My fiance and I chose Paradisus Palma Real in DR....I fell in love with it! they too have a $1000 fee for outside vendors. But you also have the option to pay for a three night stay. However, I was looking at their home photographer and their work looks great.
  8. Thank you ladies! I will definetly look into Wright travel and to local TAs. I have so much work to do! lol thank you for the response
  9. MunecaEve

    2015 Brides!

    Hello Everyone! Im so happy to have found this site. It is very helpful. Ive been to a bunch of DW for my friends and I was a maid of honor for my sister who married in Cancun. But I had no clue how overwhelming it is to actually plan one for yourself! Im lost as to where to begin. I feel like im going in circles...Im getting married APRIL 17, 2015!!!! and I already picked the resort, went to a site inspection and absolutely loved it! I made the deposit and Im comfirmed. I also did the STDs...they are actually in the making. And thats where Im at right now. Im concerned about a TA. I was about to go with destinationweddings.com but found horrible reviews on the net...so IDK what to do. Should I use one? do they charge crazy prices? Im at zero in knowledge when it comes to that. any insite would help please...and YAY for 2015 BRIDES!!!!
  10. Hello Beautiful Brides! My name is Eveline and I'm so happy to have found this wonderful site. I'm newly engaged this past July and have not set the date yet. We have narrowed it down to 2015. And we are definitely going to Punta Cana because we have fallen in love with their resorts. We are trying to do research on which resort. Personally I love the Paradisus Palma Real. Now I have to get hubby on board. He hasn't been there yet. I am feeling a little overwhelmed because i have helped planned two destination weddings but I feel like i am drawing a blank for my own. Its all about the details! I'm so excited! I hope to get some guidance and well...have fun in the process
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