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  1. 75 for long hair, 65 for short hair and i believe 65 for makeup
  2. Great thanks! What did you do for the DJ? Ours will be there from 7-11.
  3. DId you just count him as a guest, or did Pilar just know to bring dinner for him?
  4. Yea thats what I am thinking. I just don't know if we are supposed to count him as a guest or if I just let Pilar know.
  5. For those of you past brides that had an outside DJ and Photographer, what did you do about providing them dinner? I know in the states you typically pay for a Vendor dinner. Since I am paying fees for them to come in, I am not sure what that means with respect to feeding them! This whole dinner and tipping is concerning me. I know what the etiquette is in the U.S. but since this is an AI, not sure what to do.
  6. I like that idea. Thanks! I am also curious how much everyone tipped and who you tipped. I am thinking photographer, DJ and Pilar.
  7. Our wedding is next month, and I haven't decided on this yet. I have some single ladies that are waiting for rings so I know I should do one for them I don't want to toss my bouquet as I want to possibly have it as a centerpiece.
  8. Hi Past Brides- Did any of you ladies do a bouqet toss, and if you did, what flowers did you use? I don't want to toss my bouquet. Thanks! Marta
  9. Well this is not good. We are month away from our wedding. I think I am going to have fiance call the hotel.
  10. Hi Ladies- Have any of you heard from Isela recently? I sent in my planning form Monday and a follow up email yesterday and have not hear from her. I am getting nervous. This not like her, she usually responds within 24 hours. Thanks! Marta
  11. Thank you for the review! I am about a month away and was getting nervous do to some of the most recent reviews. Would you be able to email me some of your pictures? My email is mmalek22@gmail.com Also, do you have a copy of the vows? I don't know what to do for our vows! I also chose the while calla lilies. I originally wanted them to be a sunset orange, but Isela told me they can't guarantee the color. Did they paint yours? I just sent in my form, but I am wondering if maybe I should change mine. Marta
  12. What size lanterns did past brides order and how many for the Bamboo room? Thanks! Marta
  13. From what I remember it was 4. You have a choice of any combination of cold and hot, but 4 total.
  14. Because I procrastinated on everything...I have another question. Have any of you gals been able to upgrade your videography through the hotel? If so, how much did it cost? We have the Divine package. I am having a hard time getting information from the resort on this. They want me to pay the full price, but since part of the videgraphy is included with the package, we should be able to upgrade. Thanks!!! Marta
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