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  1. I feel like I was told we could not do a rehearsal dinner at the buffet restaurant?? We are approx 40 guests. This is upsetting...
  2. wow! that is awesome! I thought it was extra for a group dinner. Maybe it is number of people we have??? We have the Strawberry Passion package and have about 40 people coming but they told us it would be extra for a rehearsal dinner. Wonder why?
  3. your wedding was gorgeous! thank you for sharing your video. Love the maracas. Did you get them in Mexico or bring them? What about welcome bags? Did you give your guests welcome bags and if so what did you put in them? Sorry for the barrage of questions! Any advice would be much appreciated.
  4. Drink cups! Great idea. Was your wedding at the Barcelo Riviera Maya? If so did your guest have any problem filling them at the bar?
  5. Cups I thought it would be great to give my guests personalized tumblers....who did this and did the Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe give your guests problems about filling the cups at the bar?
  6. This is a big challenge! What is everyone doing to get their items to Mexico. I know our stuff costs more than $300 And some items are from China which I hear causes problems too.
  7. stressed about how to get my items to Mexico. I have read some many different posts but some seem to be from years ago. Need advice from recent brides who had approximately 50 welcome bags. I know my items total more than $300. UGH! How do I get it all there? I am traveling ahead of everyone to meet my planner and get settled. I planned on making my bags and having it ready before everyone else arrives the next day. Any suggestions?
  8. shipping broker! interesting...anyone have more info on this? Anyone else use a shipping broker to get all of their items to Mexico?
  9. hello everyone! we are getting married in the Riviera Maya in October. We want to send our guests a welcome letter to help prepare them for the trip. We also are planning on giving out welcome bags upon the guests arrival. I have seen some great suggestions of welcome letters and want to know if anyone will share theirs. Looking for ideas and wording help
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