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  1. @phiphi We are trying to arrange a welcome dinner on the first night, and they are helping me with a reservation at one of the restaurants. Nothing else really special. We got a week rate at $1500pp flying out from Toronto and that was booked backed in August. I think the rates may be different now. Hope that helps! T-17 til departure! Woohoo!!! V
  2. @@cottagegirl I have a travel agent that has been my liasion with some questions but nothing directly with the resort. I had asked about making a group reservation for my welcome dinner the first night but I am waiting for a reply. Since there's no reservation system, not too sure what options I have. All my guests are arriving together, so I am also trying to arrange a group check in.
  3. Hi everyone, Our wedding is just a little over two months away, so these invitations were sent awhile back. I finally have a chance to post and to share them with all you lovely brides and grooms (possibly a few here?). This forum has been so helpful when we gather our ideas, so I thought we would do the same for others. It took us about two weeks from the designing phase to putting it all together to make a total of 60 invitations. My fiance and I did all the designing, scoring, folding, gluing, cutting, corner punching, stuffing and ribbon tying. We tried do a little bit after dinner every night and during the weekend, so it was definitely a labour of love. We were really particular to the minor details as well, even when we know our guests may not pay as much attention to it. However, both of us knew that we were doing it for ourselves and we are really proud of it. It definitely helps that our friends and family loved it a lot! They really appreciate the efforts that was put into the invitations. I am sorry that I can't remember all the invitations that I have seen, but I want to thank everyone that has previously posted their own work here. I am sure I found some inspiration from all of your beautiful work. So THANK YOU!!! DESIGN TEMPLATE We researched a lot of ideas and try to find things that we would like to include. We downloaded the outline template @ Aylee Bits (http://www.ayleebits.com/2006/06/10/diy-boarding-pass-save-the-date/) THANK YOU! and did all of our designing in Photoshop. TOOLS (We will be reusing some of the tools for other DIY projects) Trimmer/Scorer from Walmart @ $20 Corner Puncher from Michaels @ $10 Starfish Punch from Michaels @ $13 Scissors from Home @ FREE Ruler from Home @ FREE MATERIALS Ribbons from Walmart @ $0.50 x 4 rolls Perforator from Walmart @ $3 Flowers Pins from Michaels @ $2.99 x 50 pcs x 2 boxes Double sided tape from Michaels @ $1.50 x 2 rolls Colour Cardstock (65lbs) from Michaels @ $3.80 x 6 stacks of 50 pcs - There are five colours and we are using one set of the mint/green for the invitations, the other set of mint/green will be used for our passport welcome book, so it's about $0.19 per sheet. White Cardstock (65lbs) from Staples @ $14.99 x 250 sheets - Between testing and errors, we used about 100 sheets, so that's about $0.06 per sheet. Everything we bought from Michaels were all from using coupons! We hand delivered majority of the invitations and only had to mail a few to overseas guests. So including the mail costs and tax, we spent around $100 (including the tools that we are reusing for other projects), making it approximately $1.70 per invitation. Tools & Materials Boarding Pass Sleeve Boarding Pass Final Invitation
  4. Hi everyone! My fiance and I will be heading to Royalton on April 7th with over 40 guests for our wedding. Just a little over 2 months away!!!! Even though we are getting marry at Jellyfish, we are still planning to get ready at Royalton. I may not have much to contribute to the wedding questions, but I will try to have a review of the resort and our group experience. @@KevinY - Not sure if this is too late to respond back to your question. Majority of our guests are also flying from Toronto, and a few guests from Asia as well. We have a travel agent that we work with, so it makes the process a lot easier. Unfortunately, Royalton is exclusive to Sunwing only in Canada, and because Sunwing doesn't fly direct from Vancouver, so one of our friends couldn't join us. That may be the same case for Calgary, you may have to find another flight from Calgary to a city that flies direct to Punta Cana. Happy Planning! V
  5. Congrats to you ladies as well! Just a little over two months away! SO EXCITING!!!! I will for sure to share some reviews with you when I come back.
  6. Came across in one of the brides' picture and it's exactly what I was looking for. Such a cute idea. http://www.botanicalpaperworks.com/catalog/wedding-collection/plantable-seed-wedding-favors
  7. Hi ladies, Does anyone have a list of the "wedding signs" that Mayte has? I see a few of the same signs in different pictures, but not sure if I have to buy any of my own. Looking to save some money! Thank you! V
  8. vANDm

    Hi! I am NEW! :)

    Thank you so much!
  9. vANDm

    Hi! I am NEW! :)

    Hello! My fiance and I are getting married in April 2014 in Punta Cana. We have taken the plunge to book with Royalton Punta Cana and having our ceremony and reception at Jellyfish. Just want to send out advance "thank yous" to all the past brides and brides-to-be with all your help and advice. This will be a fun journey and appreciate everyone's help! Thanks! V
  10. Hello! My fiance and I got engaged 3 weeks ago and are planning a destination wedding in Punta Cana, DR. We have taken the plunge and planning to stay at the Royalton Punta Cana in April 2014 and we are having our wedding at Jellyfish Restaurant. Just want to send some advance "thank yous" to the past brides who have shared so many reviews and ideas which I am sure it will be very useful!!!
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