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  1. @@hapykat we had no problems with mosquitoes and I'm a mosquito magnet! Never even saw one. @@JenniferH114 that is very frustrating that prices change so much. When I was planning, I noticed it a few times between brides but from what I'm reading now a lot has changed. Jessica will honor the original price she gave you though. I rented 3 vases and they were $5 a piece.
  2. @@HNeal lol Heidi I have post wedding depression as well! I don't know if it will ever end Weddings are just SO perfect in paradise! I wanted to let you ladies with upcoming weddings know that ERC has been doing some renovations. I have 'liked' them on FB and they had mentioned they remodeled the Lobster House. But those of you who are planning to go to the disco instead of hiring a DJ it looks as if they turned Alegria into a sports bar. I'm not sure if that means there will still be dancing at night or not. Honestly Alegria looked old, dark and yucky and no one was ever in there during our 11 day stay. We checked a few times. So I think it's a good thing they remodeled it...it definitely needed it. I would ask Jessica more about this if you are still planning on wanting to go somewhere after the reception. Also they added a tapas restaurant! Fun! Happy planning!
  3. @@Crystal17 If your welcome/rehearsal dinner is private then you have to pick the menu. And you pay extra per person. If it is semi-private then you eat whatever is on the menu at that particular restaurant. You chose Oregano so I know it's pizza and pastas. Semi-private can only be for 20 people max though and you don't have to pay extra per person for that. We chose Agave for Welcome dinner and we had fajitas off the menu. Hope that answers your question.
  4. @Sabes44 thanks! I ordered it off of Etsy. https://www.etsy.com/transaction/195361605
  5. @@JenniferH114 I'm not sure what night it is but the resort does a fire show for "free" out in the main outdoor courtyard. Check into that before you pay extra. It was pretty good!
  6. @@upstatekj We brought 100 $1.00 bills for our trip and tipped bartenders/servers throughout our stay. Ha, the bank probably thought we were going to a strip club For the photographer, we tipped them at the end of the night. We thought he was Ah-mazing!! (not included in $100 for tipping bartenders) The guests tipped the bartenders on our wedding night.
  7. @@CancunTrish I got married @ ERC in June. The gazebo would definitely be your best bet. I say ditch the heels for the ceremony (have a cute little shoe drop off spot) and then they can put them back on for cocktail hour and reception. Beach gazebo holds a large number of guests. We had 34 fit in there. They can keep extending it back past the gazebo itself. I would agree with other guests and say the pier is not a good fit for 70 people. For reception the Lobster House has a great breeze coming from the ocean! It wouldn't be too hot. I wouldn't recommend the Garibaldi Square due to no breeze back there! It's at the back of the resort. Barcelona is very blah and it does have the dividers that would probably section off your group. We had originally picked Barcelona due to the "air-condition" but we saw it and switched locations a few days before our wedding while we were at the resort. We had ours in the Foyer and it was beautiful! Ask Gloria if your group could fit in there. I'd be happy to send any pics if you need any additional help. Kari
  8. We got married on a Thursday and the Lobster House was available. Not sure how they schedule the restaurant closings then. It is beautiful though!
  9. I can't wait to see pictures!! Glad to hear it was awesome! And I'm glad you went with Las Olas Sabes, yes the Lobster House is an option for reception only if it is closed the night of your wedding. They close a different restaurant each week so it just depends. I think Jessica only knows the week before.
  10. Nope the microphone and sound system are included. My husband said that at first they gave our friend who married us this big huge blue microphone to hold that looked like a toy. They were all like "ughh...that's not going to work" because he had to hold a book and obviously it looked a little ridiculous. So they then hooked him up to a wireless one which was wayyy better.
  11. @hapycat - yes DJ Mannia is $1,300. Yes expensive but so worth it! Also, I wouldn't recommend shoes if you get married at beach gazebo. On the pier you would be fine wearing wedges/heels. I was barefoot the entire night, I loved it! @@Sabes44 - the weather was perfect when we were there! The week before Tropical Depression Boris made an appearance so I was freaking out about rain and clouds the entire time. It all cleared up for us! We got married at 5:00 and the beach gazebo is mostly shaded and the breeze is wonderful! I wasn't hot at all during the ceremony. We chose this location because we had been to Excellence Playa Mujeres and loved it so we wanted to try ERC. I read a ton of reviews and the place looked gorgeous and once I saw the beach gazebo I said "This is it!!" Food was fantastic (ate way too much You can't go wrong! and to Jennifer's question about the DJ vendor fee, yes you would have to pay the outside vendor fee. We did for our photographer.
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