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  1. Welcome to the forum! I'm getting married on 25th January so getting very excited now! Not long now!! Unfortunately you do need to choose for everyone, I tried to please most of my guests by choosing what I know would be there preferred starter and others there favourite so no one dislikes the whole meal. Also Ive read here that the wedding meal does count as one of the 3 al la carte meals for the week : ( I'd double check though.
  2. Can any previous brides help, how did everyone communicate with guests to arrange meeting up and to find out where everyone is? I've read on here the rooms don't have voicemail? Not keen on using mobiles as it'll cost loads, any suggestions?
  3. Hi could you tell me how much it was to hire the red carpet for the gazebo?
  4. Your dress choice is stunning! Are you having your hair up to show the back of the dress?
  5. Hi, I was hoping you could help me with a query. The all inclusive wrist bands that the resort ask everyone to wear, what did you do with yours, did you cut it off and get a new one? The Akumal wristbands are green so i don't want to wear it on the day
  6. Yeah, you've had a response at last, hopefully I'll hear something soon as mine is soon after yours! It sounds like she thinks it's the floating sky lanterns and said no due to health and safety.
  7. Hi trisha, On a different note, can you tell me if you sign the marriage certificate in your original signature or do you sign it your new name? Did you have the legal ceremony?
  8. Does anyone know how much fabric I'd need to bring for the ceremony on the beach, I've read about 16-18 yards. Any ideas?
  9. At the moment there's 16 of us going as it's quite a journey getting there but it'll be nice having the holiday with them all before the wedding! Coba and tulum have good music but we mostly kept to the main bar in Akumal, last time they did some greats shows and dances on stage then music afterwards, our children loved the entertainment before the shows so they were worn out before the music. The hacienda was nice also.
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