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  1. Hi! I had my wedding back on august 4. We didnt invite many people -- only those closest to us and had a turnout of about 40 total. I am going to be attending one of my friend's weddings next month, and wasn't sure how much to give. My friend and I have been friends since graduate school (about 4.5 years --- still currently in grad school together. We are working on our PhDs. I had a shower, and invited his fiance. His fiance and cousin (I also am in school with his cousin, but have only known her for like 2 years) bought me a combined gift totaling about $50. At the weddin
  2. I had 40 guests.... everything was perfect! I mean - there were a few minor things that weren't "perfect", but I'm naturally a very laid back person and these minor things didnt bother me... also, it all worked out ok in the end anyway: - my dad didnt get a boutinere - this was my fault because i ordered 5 instead of 4.... but my dad also came late to wedding, so im sure that he would have been able to wear the flower instead of one of the groomsmen if he had shown on time. - my bridesmaids had to stand (there werent enough chairs).... but this was ok! they improvised. - we ordered live
  3. I worked with a travel agent to help us set it up... otherwise you pay for the cab
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    Some pics from cell phones at our wedding
  5. Sorry to hear you had so many issues! I honestly cant think of one issue that I had... maybe its because my wedding coordinator was a different one than yours? I had Fanny. Who was your photographer? I had Martin. I will post some pics later Here are a few pics I added to an album of pictures people took with their cell phones: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/gallery/album/17756-wedding/ Our wedding went like this: 3pm legal ceremony at Tulum gazebo then pics, then guests met from 5 to 6 for cocktails at lobby bar while bride and groom took pics 6 to 8 - dinner at tequ
  6. Hello!!! I just got back from my Mexican wedding I have nothing but amazing things to say. I hope you find my review helpful: - We were engaged on July 4, 2013. We always knew that we wanted a smaller wedding, so a destination seemed ideal. Three years ago we traveled to the Gran Bahia Coba resort, so decided it would be good to host our wedding there since we were already familiar with it. - Since I am still in school (grad student working on doctorate), our wedding dates were limited to either August or December (when I have a break from classes). We decided on august 4, and b
  7. Do you think if we give the DJ a USB with mp3 music files on it he will be able to play it for us?
  8. oh yes good point! Thanks! I think making it at 5:30 might be better anyway because doing a run through shouldn't take more than like 15 minutes? and we want to meet everyone up at 6 for a "dinner rehearsal"
  9. no - but i figure we can do a run through near it. i just want people to see it before
  10. Arsen and Kat will be checking in on July 30, and leaving August 7. Bride and groom plan to have dinner with the groom’s family on July 30, and with the bride’s family on August 1. Sunday, August 3: · 5:00pm – wedding rehearsal & meeting with wedding party, as well as parents of bride and groom at the Tulum gazebo. · 6:00pm – dinner at the Tulum resort buffet. All guests are welcome to join! Monday, August 4: wedding day! · 3:00pm ceremony at Tulum Gazebo · 5:00pm-6:00pm cocktail hour with drinks, live music, and speeches · 6
  11. Can you guys help me with the wording? Like, to make it sound more warm and less structured? Wednesday, July 30: · Day - Bride and groom check in and get settled. · Evening - Bride and groom have dinner with groom’s family. Thursday, July 31: · Day - Bride and groom will meet with wedding coordinator. · Evening - Bride and groom have private dinner together. Friday, August 1: · Evening - Bride and groom have dinner with bride’s family. Saturday, August 2: · Day - Bride and groom relax and make preparations for wedding. ·
  12. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/gallery/album/17741-dress/ See the above link for my dress! Hello, Here at this link you should be able to see my dress? http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/gallery/album/17741-dress/
  13. I'm getting so excited and nervous! We leave on July 30, and wedding is august 4!!!!
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