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  1. Hey ladies! Is anyone else trying to plan any excursions? We are doing a jack and Jill stagette at coco bongos and a private catamaran. Problem is I've gone over my wedding budget and all the vendors want us to pay upfront for the excursion bookings. And unfortunately, we do not have the extra money to do so :-( Is anyone running into this issue or any have any suggestions about a booking when we arrive? And having everyone just pay then and there if they want to join? Happy planning!
  2. KLA1220, I cannot believe that! I was just there last week and it was gorgeous!! The whole resort was lovely. Victoria, the wedding planer, was amazing as well. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. My fiancé has stayed there before and loved it. The rooms are also really nice. The beaches are outstanding! The whole feel of the resort was amazing. It is a stunning plCe for a wedding. I have tons of oictures of the grill if you would like some. It is large but Victoria told me they don't use the entire thing for the receptions. It has very high ceilings and is wonderful. I'm getting married at the playa sol and the reception on the palmeras beach and the grill is our back up. And I'm very happy with it. Please please please do not worry! I'm so angry for you! This woman knows nothing and should be ashamed of herself for being so rude to you. You should be nothing but excited! Please do not worry! Send me your email address and I will send you the pictures. They will out your mind at ease. Nikki
  3. I'm going to ask about this. We are having the symbolic ceremony as well but have not been offered a reduction in costs!
  4. LoriGran, Mine are about $600 for one head table and two long banquet tables and girls bouquets. Which centre pieces did you choose?
  5. @@LoriGran My weddign planner just confirmed that Barelo will set up all my lanters (60 with lights of my own) for $80! Not too bad! My location is the Palmeras BEACH. I hope it works out the way i have planned in my head!
  6. Hello Ladies, we are trying to decide if we will extend the reception by one or two hours. Does anyone have any insight?
  7. I have just put in my requets to find out what it will cost them to string lights and paper lanterns. I will provide the info once i recieve it. cvincent84, would you be willing to send me the centre piece pictures, bouquets and meals via email as well? nikkiandjayrioux@@gmail.com thank you!!!
  8. NurseNurse0101, so we just booked a trip down to check out the resort! we leave March 31st for a week. I will take pitcures of the weddign and reception locations for this thread. I believe we are getting married and having our reception at the same locations. So il get pics of these and maybe even when they are set up for weddings!!
  9. Can you please send me the pictures to my email? Nikkiandjayrioux@@gmail.com
  10. Nice! My wedding planner should be doing the same but again I still haven't heard from her! Oh we'll!
  11. Thank you so much for your post! So very helpful! I too will be hiring the Styling Trio and an outside photographer. What did the resort charge you for them to be able to work on the grounds? Got the email thank you so much! NurseNurse0101, I am getting married in October 2014 at Barcelo Tropical. i am also from Vancouver and am using a planner here. I am using Marsha Steeves; how about you? I am getting a little frusterated as i havent even heard from the wedding planner and i am nervous that i wont get the reception location i want if we wait too long! I feel like i am in limbo just waiting to meet with her! I am almost ready to fire and re-hire! Any suggestions?
  12. I am interested in purchasing the turquoise towels from you and posibly some of the navy. How many do you have left?
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