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  1. It's so cute. I can image that picture. I found really cute flower girl dress on Bellasdress.com, maybe you can take a look. And more wedding dresses information on http://www.dessy.com/
  2. I think it's hard to find the same style. Maybe you can look for the similar one online. You can visit Davidsbridal.com and Bellasdress.com to find bridemaid dress you like.
  3. I think coral dresses are amazing. I love that color. What's more, it's not like red so shining, it's a simple warm color.
  4. Introduction: What are the foreign wedding places the stars crazy about? Nowadays, holding wedding abroad is becoming very popular among couples. Couples can not only enjoy the beautiful sceneries, but also create romantic and unforgettable memory. More and more stars also follow this trend and choose to get married abroad, for example, after long - year love affair, Zheng Yijian and Meng Jiahui got married in Tokyo. Therefore, which are the perfect places for weddings in your mind? According to those stars’ choice, here are some recommendations for you . Place 1: Maldives As spring blossoms, everything is so wonderful while we all choked up with emotions. This is the perfect season for weddings. Those who are devoted and eager to love as the proverb says "Hold your hand and be with you till I die" would love to hold their memorable weddings in this romantic season. Stars also cannot avoid this custom, such as Lin Xilei, who married with her dream husband Yang Chen in Maldives. Place 2: Scene in Bali Bali is the heaven for vacation, where people can enjoy the beautiful ocean view and delicious seafood. It is definitely the perfect place for weddings, and that's why it is the leading tourist line for many travel organizations in marriage season which has gained the interests of home consumer. Ayana Resort, in the south part of Bali, has a complete wedding celebration service, including the previous preparation and wedding day plan. The villa around would make sure your relatives and friends live comfortably. Place 3: Philippines Philippines, famous as "thousands of islands country", has star-studded islands and harbors, bright and clean seawater as well as pure white long sandy beach. The like nature itself landscape is extraordinary romantic with its exotic atmosphere. Many brides choose to wear their dream white wedding dresses, with their beloved one, walk along the white long beach. What a wonderful moment! The special wedding form attracted couples from various countries. Liang Jingru, the love song queen, got married with her husband Zhao Yuantong in Boracay Island. Place 4: Night seen in Las Vegas Yang Qianhua and Ding Zigao got married in Las Vegas. In addition to its wonderful landscape, the registration formality here is also quite convenient. There is no rest day for register office in Las Vegas, you can get marries at any time because they are 24 hours available. It is so simple that sometimes even driving license or ID is not needed. The couple can get a marriage certificate authorized both in US and Canada as long as they signed a form and pay 50 dollars. Therefore, if you are a bride-to-be and are struggling with this problem about where you would hold wedding, you can take the above destinations into consideration. Choose your dream wedding destination for your romantic wedding. A wonderful wedding place will create your own perfect wedding experience and make a beautiful memory in your best days. Click more
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