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  1. Yep that was us did you guys have yours that evening on the beach?
  2. Dont worry, everything will be just fine. We did the your moments package, so we rented the italian restaurant for dinner that night, (which the food is amazing). We had a very small wedding and did not have many of the extras that the other packages offer. We had the wedding on the beach on the preferred side next to the pool. The day was perfect!!! Trust me Daisy and Carmon will take good care of you. Just make sure when you meet with them when you get there you tell them everythng you want. I was kind of nervous about them getting my dress de wrinkled from the plane ride but it turned out perfect. I actually had a friend that is a photograher and she came with us so I dont have a lot of info on the pictures. Also dont worry about getting your hair done I took a picture in and she made it look just like the picture. But be ready for all the hair spray!!! I am not a fix you hair kind of girl so that really took me by suprise but they have to do it because of the humdity. I totally understand being nervous but those girls really enjoy doing their job and will take good care of you. You will love the resort also everyone is so nice. Sorry if I did not answer everything but if you have more questions just ask.
  3. I just returned for the Jade we got married on September 7th. I was wondering if it really take 3 months to get the marriage certificate back? Daisy said it would take that long. Thanks Julie
  4. How do you go about making your marriage legal in the States when you get married in Mexico?
  5. So I need to plan on tipping Pilar, the Judge/minster is there anyone else that is involved with the wedding?
  6. Did any of tip your wedding planner? Just want to make sure I know how much cash to have. Thanks Julie
  7. That would be great if you could send me that stuff to my email!! My email is julestwin23@hotmail.com. Thanks
  8. Ironman Do you know if you have to pick a certain menu for the dinner or if people can order what they want?
  9. Hello Everyone I am getting married on September 7the and I am using the Your Moments Package. Can anyone tell me how much it cost to get your hair done for the wedding and how much it cost to reserve a place to have dinner? Thanks
  10. Hello Everyone I just had a question for anyone getting married at the Jade and using the Your Moments package. We are having a very small wedding but we were wanting to reserve a place to have dinner that night, how much does it cost to reserve a place? I also was wanting to get my hair done and I was wondering how much that cost? Thanks
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