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  1. I was wondering for those that have gotten married at the gazebo at the Grand Palladium PC if they could help me please! I want to walk to only one song for my entire wedding party and for myself, I need to know my max length of song that I can use? Or for anyone that has actually measured how long it is from the beginning of the walk to the gazebo, that will give an idea at least. I already asked Carolina and she didn't tell me how long it was she just told me to pick 2 songs of at least 3 minutes long each, but that's not what I want...lol... I have 3 bridesmaids/groomsmen walking together, and myself with my dad. (so 4 pairs in total) So if anyone...anyone at all..lol...can help me out with this, so I can stop breaking my head over this song stuff...it would help me out so much..Thanks!
  2. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and congrats as a newlywed!!! Your wedding sounded great..everything on the beach!!!....you gave me a few things to think about... What was your experience at the hair salon? was everyone super happy with what they got? it's pricey eh!...holy didn't think it was that much for a style..here it's 20 bucks...lol...but it is what it is..I'll definetly get my hair done! Do you happen to have a picture of yourself and your girls with all your updo's??
  3. Awesome!! We're booked for the 23rd!...I'm having such a hard time deciding beach or gazebo...I wanted beach, wasn't even thinking about gazebo at all, until I saw some people's pictures and people in the background in their speedos watching the wedding...lol...kinda ruined the picture you know...so I've started thinking gazebo for more of a private ceremony..It might only be decided once we arrive..lol I wish I knew what restaurant to book too...and I find it hard to book one set meal for everyone, I have so many picky eaters to think of...I wish everyone had a choice of at least 2 or 3 dishes..it's gonna be tough.. If anyone out there has their opinions about the restaurants...Don't be shy!!! As for the photographer...like i said above...with the beautiful surroundings it's hard not to have the perfect pictures!!! So I think we're all ok for that! Thanks Girls for your help & congrats on the engagements!! I hope more people respond to this post too
  4. Ideas for everyone!! What's your Song for: -Walking down the aisle music -After ceremony Music ideas -Bride & Groom's first dance -Father/daughter dance
  5. Hi there, I came across this site a few months ago and finally had the time to come on and write my own thread. It's been hectic, but finally have time to concentrate and focus on the wedding planning!! I'm from Canada and I have the wedding booked for April 2014, I have the photographer booked also with photoshop caribe. I guess I'm looking for past brides that have gotten married here and looking for any kind of info/advice I can get! starting with the photographer, can anyone tell me if they used this company and how they were? I'm a huge photo freak and just want the best pictures I can get (although it won't be hard with the beautiful surroundings) Here's some of the questions I have: 1.How long is the ceremony? (I am doing civil) 2.What's the max length of song can I have to walk down the aisle? (I have 4 girls to walk in before me) and I am planning on doing one song all the way through up until I walk onto to Gazebo/beach (I don't want it to be my time to walk down the aisle and it stops cuz it's over..lol) 3.Gazebo or Beach? I'm so confused with which one I want, I originally wanted beach, but I realized the gazebo is more private and I can wear my AWESOME shoes!!! lol (I've actually bought 3 pairs so far) haha.. I'm basically looking for anyone that has the experience and can tell me their story or even someone that is a future bride and has some opinions that might help...tuff tuff decision... 4.Pre-wedding: getting hair and make-up? did you have to book in advance (lots in advance) for the hair salon? and how was it? was anyone dissapointed with what they got done? I'm not very good with hair (so i guess it can't be worse then what I could do, right!) and I don't have anyone in the wedding that's good either. What were the costs for getting hair done? So I can also let my bridesmaids/guests know. Also about the make-up...is it really worth it, I'm not super great at that either and I don't like it on heavy, but I would still want something special done, what were your experiences with make-up? and costs? 5.Reception: We are taking the crystal package, but we are thinking of taking the private reception also, we figured since everyone came all that way just for us, we would want something special for them to remember! there is a semi-private dinner included in the crystal package, but then that's it...doesn't feel like a wedding reception you know....we want something where we can still do our first dance, father/daughter dance, throw bouquet/garter, older sisters have to dance by themselves in ugly socks...lol....and just have a great time and dance the night away!! Did anyone do the private reception and didn't think it was worth it? and can I even do all these things at the private reception? What else was included with the private reception? 5.DECORATIONS???? What's included in the crystal package for decorations at the ceremony AND at the reception? I've read posts of people that brought their own things, I don't mind bringing some of my own, did people have to bring an extra lugguage? 6.What is the opinion of everyone that is the best restaurant to book the dinner/reception at? It's hard planning from far and not knowing what to expect! So, Thank You to anyone who took the time to read my post and answer my questions, very appreciated, Can't wait for the big day!! Woot-Woot!!!
  6. Hey there! I was browsing on the net for destination wedding info and came across this forum! I thought it was neat that everyone could share their experiences/advice since we are all kinda going into this "blind"...not knowing to expect and worried about when you get to your destination if everything will turn out alright! I just booked in DR last friday at the Grand Palladium Punta Cana Resort & spa, I've been to Punta Cana before, but a different resort, loved it there! and for most of my guests it will be their first time on vacation anywhere!..So it will be exciting to see all their reactions, I know they will love it! I was wondering if anyone else got married there or will be getting married there, and if you could share your info with me or experience. I haven't been in touch with the WC yet and I guess I'm getting excited and a head of myself..lol... Another thing I'm very interested is photographer...How do you get in touch with a photographer? Thanks!
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