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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by IrinaPatrick what are your wedding colors? my wedding is just a day before yours, so we could share the centerpieces, if you'd like. Our colors are turquoise and white. Thanks for the offer, that is really nice. I think we are going to stick with the shell centerpieces as it fits with some of our other themes Remind me which location you are using for ceremony and reception?
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by IrinaPatrick I did see the centerpieces like yours when my WC emailed me the list the other day, but We were thinking of doing something like this. Instead of blue, purple gel balls inside, and peacock feathers on top. I'm only expecting just under 20 guests, so 8 centerpieces is all I'm considering to be making / bringing with me. cost wise, I believe yours is about 25-30 each, mine will be about 20 (11 for the vase, 3 for the gel balls, 7 for the feathers and lighted up bottom). I really like those! Very pretty! Yes, the ones I chose are 30 a piece but one of there less expensive ones to choose from.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by NurseNurse0101 OOOH! Well I will say I have stayed at the Riu Yucatan in Feb and the weather is phenomenal! Yes yes ... the price difference, ridiculous! We are planning on doing a beach ceremony as well, no idea what beach but I guess I will have choices later on. and then we also opted out of the appie/cocktail hour, why buy something you already have paid for with the resort! We aren't going to have a DJ, I think we will just ask a friend do manage the music etc on ipod... it was all just too expensive. If we end up in a banquet hall I am buying the lightup dance floor! LOL. But if it works out to have it at the beach grill then I think we would forgo the dance floor. I have heard good things about the palace beach grill as well, being more upscale. I just doing want to be escapading around the resort all day.... lots of people get married down at the Caribe side I think its the Azul beach? But its SO far.... In planning this did the wedding coordinator contact you and have you choose things? or how does it work? Best Moments, is that part of the resort? If you don't mind me asking how much do you think its gonna cost for that? I feel like we have the same worries, its hard to stay in budget. Also, my finace and I are switching to the Excellence Playa Mujeres for our honeymoon the second week, but we chose the Barceló for the wedding to make the price point comfortable for our guests Im excited for you!!!! Have you been in contact with one of the wedding coordinators yet? Once you are, they should start sending you each step at a time, I believe there are 8 steps in the planning process (ceremony, music, cocktail hour, reception, flowers and decoration, photography, etc...) Mine has sent me many photos of my options from beach locations, centerpieces, huppa options, banquet room set up photos, flowers. If you ask for photos they are usually good about sending them. I have found the planning to be very easy and low stress! Best moments is not part of the resort but they have an agreement with the resort so they do not require you to pay a vendor fee for them to come in for the day. Here is the website: http://thebestmoments.com.mx/. They will email you the current prices if you send them a message. I think I am paying around 350 for a trial run and day of makeup and hair but this was one of the more expensive packages and there are others to choose from. Playa Azul was my second choice for the ceremony, it is a beautiful beach. My fiancé and I have been to Barceló Maya before and it is absolutely gorgeous, you will love it! If you want me to email you any photos let me know, I will see what I have!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by IrinaPatrick Mellie14, have you chose one of the centerpieces from the resort for rent, or will you be bringing your own? We are having something like this...it is one of the resorts centerpiece options. Did your WC email you all of the photos of the options you have from them? I figured the less stuff I have to bring down the better! What are you thinking of doing?
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by NurseNurse0101 They haven't responded to me yet! I have a travel agent who is my middle person dealing with the barcelo for me, so I did ask her about it. I have a friend who got married at the barcelo los cabos and they have the same wedding package mint breeze but they paid about 25$ per person extra to have it outside by the pool. I am ok spending the extra money for that. the mint breeze is 2200, and then the strawberry was 3500. just seems expensive to pay 3500 when you may end up inside anyways! Its hard because there is a lot of talk about the palace but not a lot about weddings at the tropical. The palace was just too expensive for our guests to pay for though. Coming from Vancouver BC it was almost 2,000$ a person to stay at the palace in oct. what have you decided for your wedding so far!? We are having the ceremony at Coral beach and reception in a banquet hall as of now. I really wanted to have it all outside also but the price difference is huge and my concern is wind/rain, etc also. We opted out of the cocktail hour because we feel people can just congregate at the lobby or pool bars in between. We are having a DJ just so we don't have to worry about music. I chose the violin for the ceremony. I have hired the best moments hair and makeup to do that for me on the day-I have read so many great reviews and they do airbrush makeup which I feel will hold out best if its windy or humid. About half of our guests are staying at Palace and the other half are at Tropical/Colonial.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by NurseNurse0101 Hi Everyone, I thought I would just jump into conversation here. I am getting married Oct 29, 2014 at the Barceló Maya Tropical. I know there are other tropical brides on this thread. SOOOO excited!!!!! We chose the mint breeze package, upgrading to accommodate approx. 35 people and then we asked about having the reception at the Palmeras Grill instead of the banquet hall. I want to be undercover but not inside! Anyone have experience with a wedding here? Hi there! I am getting married Feb 1, 2014 at the palace and we also chose the mint breeze package for about 40 people as well. Have they responded about having your reception at the Palmeras Grill instead? I had asked a while back about having the reception outside with this package and my WC said we would have to pay extra per person on top of the mint breeze package to do so. I never mentioned having it at one of the grills though, let me know what they say about doing that! happy planning and congrats!
  7. Question regarding how to pack and travel with wedding supplies safely and securely! How have others packed your wedding supplies for travel to Mexico? What worked and what didn't? Would it be best to pack it all in one suitcase or divide it up between our bags? (I have read some things about only being allowed a certain dollar amount of goods per back when going through customs in Mexico) We have all of our canvas OOT bags and stuffers including mugs for 50 people, paper fans and parasols for the ceremony and then my dress/his linen suit... Also, I have travel size sunscreen and aloe for our OOT bags...I am afraid of these exploding or leaking on the flight...what have others done? Any feedback on the best ways to pack and travel with these items would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Lori Granados Hello! Is there a vendor fee to bring in a hair and make up artist? I am using The Best Moments for my hair and makeup and my WC told me they have an agreement with this company so I do not have to pay any vendor fees for them. I assume there are fees if they do not have an agreement with the resort but not sure what that is. I would check with your WC. Here is the website for them if you want to check it out, I have read a lot of positive feedback about their services and airbrush makeup. http://thebestmoments.com.mx/
  9. Has anyone used the resort DJ and how was it? We are going back and forth between having a DJ or just making our own IPOD mix and using their sound system.
  10. We were told that anyone not staying at the resort would be charged a fee of 95.00 for a day pass. I am guessing it is fine if you have few more. I was never told anything about the limit being 10%. Hopefully it will be just fine!
  11. Who is your WC? I would check again, mine told me there is not a charge for this and it was fine as long as we got there as soon as the buffet opens.
  12. You will still be fine with planning! We got engaged back in December and already knew we were getting married at Barceló so the planning started right away We are going with the mint breeze package since we have a bigger group of almost 60 and we are having a symbolic ceremony because will already be legally married before we go. You can pick from many colors for the sashes, décor and flowers. My WC just emailed me photos of all the options which helped. I think a small cake for 10 comes with that package but we are getting a separate 3 tiered cake in coconut (pineapple, vanilla and chocolate are options also) and bringing our own cake topper. You can pick from pretty much any flowers you want, some have extra cost if they are not regional ( orchids, calla lilies, peonies). I am doing white and orange lilies.
  13. My WC is Lillian, she has been great so far! Our wedding is at 3 pm on Feb. 1st. I have picked almost everything, except photographer and finalized my guest list, which is the last step. I am going with teal and white for colors with a little bit of orange. We are having our reception in a banquet hall. I am getting my hair and makeup done by best moments. We are still deciding on a DJ or using our own Ipod for music. What are your plans so far and who is your WC? I just ordered invites yesterday, hoping to send them out mid September, have you sent yours yet? My main concern is getting all my OOT bag stuff, paper fans, parasols and my dress down to Mexico and then how to stay in touch with all of our guests once we are there. I know it will all work out though
  14. No, there is not an extra fee for this. If you are staying at the Palace and having it there, there is a 5.00 fee for those not staying at the Palace.
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