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  1. Katya Nova Photography is the only choice. Working with this team was the best part of wedding planning. They take their time to get to know each couple and I felt like we were old friends when we finally met. They are extremely enthusiastic and make you feel at home in front of the camera. And the creative shots they find to take are mind-blowing! They are not run-of-the-mill resort photographers with the same generic shots where you can only pick a few. With this team, you get ALL the photos they take! It's delivered to you quickly in an easy-to-access online gallery that you have access to forever. I can't say enough about this team. I love them! Not choosing them would be a HUGE mistake. Our photos look like they belong in a magazine! Go click on that link up there and take a look at her portfolio...and look at all the awards she has received. They work hard, are extremely talented, and it shows in the photos that you get to keep FOREVER!
  2. PUNTA CANA BRIDES!!! The MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do for you and your wedding is hire Katya Nova Photography!! This was the best decision I made planning my wedding. I PROMISE you will not regret hiring them. Planning a wedding in another country will have its snags but working with this team will be the highlight of your planning memories. Their talent and enthusiasm is beyond words. They emit love with everything they do and touch and you will need that during this turbulent time! Our wedding guests loved them and we did too. Our photos look like they belong in a magazine. I can't stop staring at them and showing them off. This team and their work is nothing short of PERFECT! Book them NOW! Or move your date to when they are available. Yeah, they're THAT good
  3. This is a review of:

    Katya Nova Photography


    Pros: Enthusiastic and fun with an eye for creative shots, quick to get photos back to you, obviously they really love what they do, go above and beyond
    Cons: None!
    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Everything about this team is PERFECT. They are extremely enthusiastic, fun to be around and are the most creative, professional photographers. Their talent is limitless. You'd be crazy to pass them up for any other. They made an impressive effort to get to know me and my husband from the get-go. By the time we met, we felt like old friends. They have an indescribable aura of love and creativity. It's obvious they absolutely love what they do. No matter how camera-shy you think you are, they have a magical way of making you feel completely comfortable. Trust me, this is very important. I was worried about how awkward the photos would come out because my husband both are not "photogenic" people. However, I can't even begin to say how completely perfect the shots are that they got! Rob will do whatever it takes to get the best shot. He was literally hanging from the rafters and scaling walls at our dinner reception. It was awesome. We can't even imagine having had our wedding without them. They complimented the event, not just as photographers. They really felt like part of our guests. In fact, all of our 20+ guests commented on how much they loved the photographers. This team goes above and beyond. I have no idea what happened to our resort "wedding coordinator" but this team helped guide us through the special events of the night (toast, cake cutting, bouquet tossing, etc). They made sure we covered all the bases and didn't miss any important moments. I will forever be grateful for them for assuming the role of Wedding Director.  Photography is the most important vendor. Your wedding day is an exciting whirlwind and your photos become your memories. We made photography our priority in our budget. Best decision ever. Also, our photos came back quickly and in an easy-to-download format. We're really impressed with the Gallery of photos we have access to and how easy it is. Honestly, the value is also unbelievable. The experience and work they provide is priceless. I think they could charge a lot more than they do so hurry up and hire them now before they figure out just how GREAT they are!