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  1. I know of one and I think he is great, he can do pictures and video, this is the email adress photo@sweetcaribbeanphoto.com, here is a link to se his pictures http://sweetcaribbeanweddings.com/perla-felipe-the-love-story, and the prices are not excesive. Hope this helps
  2. Hi Lee-Anne, I`ve been there several times and I think the best is the brazilian, my cousin got married there (thats why I chose that resort), but got married at the Palapa, it was beautiful, if you can upgrade I suggest you do. The bouquets are very small and very simple, my cousin´s was really simple but she didnt want to upgrade because those are just flowers that you will use for 30 minutes during that day. Honestly I would suggest you go for the presidential package with the palapa, I had so much fun that time and the place is soooo romantic and very intimate and private, my cousin had the dance floor and it really helps to give your guests stability when dancing. Hope this helps a lot, I know about this because of my cousin, she is helping me out to plan everything and she also lets me know what is better to have and what is not worth it. If you need more tips let me know, I think I am sooo excited that I want to help other brides as well
  3. They have one photogrpher, i saw his work, you can see the link, is http://sweetcaribbeanweddings.com/perla-felipe-the-love-story, personaly that is what I am looking for, I wanted somehting like a love story to tell our kids when we have them and I thought the blog was amazing, I am definetely going for it and the prices are not as crazy as I thought, I have the packages if someone wants them. the only thing I didnt like is that $300 usd fee we have to pay, the WC explained that they have a contract with the Photo Adventure company but I mean I will pay the $300 usd fee to have good pictures of my wedding, it is the most important day of my life !
  4. I just booked my wedding at the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya and I feel so stressed already with everything I have to get done, I still have a year to do it thank god, but I have to say that the quick responses of the WC are greatly apreciated.