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  1. Hey guys! I'll post more later but I just got home and it went absolutely perfectly. It was so fun to meet lovely Lola, my bdw forum friend and her husband. Our hubbys laughed together about how Lola and I were both on our phones for a year prior to the wedding "researching" on the forum. I'll post pics and details later but in the meantime I wanted to share the unedited video footage caribe video posted on you tube. If you decide to do video I strongly reccomend paying the extra $ (I think it was a hundred or two extra) to have him post it on you tube for a week so friends and family who couldn't come can watch the whole shebang. The video has the ceremony and part of the reception so if you want to see the plaza zavaz with Xmas lights, scroll to the end. -Megan
  2. Lola-- did you find cake boxes at michaels? I'm going to get some too. Great idea y'all! Megan Ps- T minus 10 days to mx!
  3. Hey guys! My fiancé is creating music playlists for the wedding reception and he was wanting to know how many hours/ minutes to schedule for the dancing part of the night. What do you think?
  4. Hey ya'll- My WC told me that the plaza zavaz's new gazebo is the same dimensions as the old one. Who knows if that's true, but that's what she said
  5. @Kingz85 I'm so relieved Caribe did a good job! We are using them too, and i've been nervous about it. I can't see your pictures because i'm a noob but your profile pic looks great!! what decorations did you bring? Which food choice for the reception? did you have any other events with your group? Lots of questions, sorry! Megan
  6. Lola- Based on the posts I read, it seems like most people used either tulle or organza. So you should be good to go. We are having our reception at plaza zavaz. I'm going to have Christmas lights hanging but now I'm thinking I might want some papel picado hanging too. Each banner is about 18 ft long. (Amazon is selling the white wedding themed banners for like 4$ each, btw.) does anyone have a suggestion on how many I should buy?
  7. @Cj1053 Amazon sells them, one bride on here found hers on it.. search on this thread and i bet you'll find it easily. I'm obsessed with Amazon right now--welcome bags for the guests is my current project and they have soooo many things I want to put in them! (sample size Advil, pepto, etc!)
  8. i know previous brides on this forum have requested different WC's when the WC was a problem, so that might be an option too...
  9. Are there mexican vendors on the beach? There were some at azul fives. I'm thinking about getting my bridesmaids those mexican embroidered dresses as my bm gift and I'm hoping someone will be selling them on the beach so I don't have to take a taxi anywhere.
  10. hey y'all-- I freaked out (like i'm sure you all did) when I saw that post about the set-up fee being a LOT more than $250. I emailed my wedding coordinator and said i was bringing stuff from home for both the ceremony and the reception (xmas lights for the reception, sheers for the ceremony) and I asked her to re-confirm that the set up fee was $250 maximum total for all of it. she said yes.
  11. @Lilgabri03 If you get a Karisma certified travel agent, they should be able to get you a better rate than what you're quoting. I am getting married in June and my rates (which were last years rates since I've been engaged a long time, so it might have changed) are about 170 a night per person for a double room. I am using the Wright Travel Agency. They've been great to work with-- very helpful and accomodating and have given good advice throughout. I went to a wedding @ Azul Fives a couple years ago and it was AMAZING- the food was great, customer service was awesome, and the bride was stress free the whole time. that's why i am getting married at Azul Sensatori. Hope that helps! t-minus 3 months!! ahhhh!
  12. @JMK923 your review got me soooooo excited about everything! Do you know how much y'all got charged for scuba diving? that sounds like a great activity for the guys to do while we are primping the way of the wedding. did you take a cab to cancun or a shuttle or what? how much did that cost? last question (for now, haha): how did your guests know where to go for the welcome dinner? did you tell them ahead of time the location or did the resort help you with that? We are planning on having a couple events, but i'm not sure how to tell your guests where to go! @lolita2014 your bouquets look awesome! i love the colors! @June7BeachBride I bought some deco mesh at sams around christmas time-- its like this transparent white and gold and silver sparkly mesh stuff that people use to decorate during Christmas time and I think/hope it will look good wrapped around the beach arbor thing. I bought a LOT, but it was on sale so it only cost me like $20 total, and there will probably be enough left over to use for some chair bows too. I saw last week that Hobby lobby has some on super sale with lots of different colors so check that out and see what you think. There are several posts throughout this forum that has the dimensions for the fabric other people used. lots of people bought it on amazon, so i bet if you searched using the keyword "amazon" you could find good info quickly. -Megan
  13. Lola-- those sound awesome! send pics when you are done with the centerpieces/ corsages! I'm still struggling to decide what I want to do with centerpieces-- I'm going to reuse my bouquets for some of the centerpieces but i'll need about 4 more to have centerpieces for all the tables. There are so many ideas out there-- pinterest is so addictive. JMK-- have you posted a review yet?!? I couldn't see those pics because i don't have enough posts. boo! lol I can't wait to hear how everything went down!! Megan
  14. Jmk-- I can't wait to see pics and hear your thoughts on everything! We are doing the iPod music thing for both the ceremony and reception so I can't wait to hear how it goes-- im sure it will be lovely!!
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