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  1. Photosmile Photography <info@photosmilephotography.com> This is who we used. We ended up with ALOT of pictures and she was very fun to work with. Her prices are VERY Good Beach wedding and Trash the dress. The night pictures were taken with our camera.
  2. Here is a video. For the wedding we used their back up area because it had a better ocean view. The normal area is nice but has alot of rocks so its not the same ocean feel. Hair and make was done at the hotel. The pictures were taken by Photosmile Photography <info@photosmilephotography.com> The night pictures were taken by other random guest at the hotel. We eloped and made alot of friends. The wedding was at 5. We did trash the dress and we were dry by night time to go to the club! I did take the slip off it was holding water. We had a candle light dinner on the beach it was our favorite part. Very romantic and VERY good food.
  3. We eloped at the Catalonia Riviera Maya July 22, 2013 The just the 2 of us package was only 250 and their was a dinner on the beach that night. OMG the best dinner ever! Pictures were done by Photosmile Photography <info@photosmilephotography.com>
  4. My hair and make up was done at the salon at Catalonia Rivera Maya
  5. Sorry the after photos where done at the hotel with my camera. they were taken random people at the hotel. We eloped but made so many friends, We went to the club that night at the hotel. If you watch the video I posted you will see the area we used for the wedding. We used the back up area because I wanted the ocean behind us. The normal area is nice but it has alot of rocks in the pictures so it didnt have the beach feel to it.
  6. This is our wedding video from July 22, 2013. The wedding pictures were done by Photosmile Photography info@photosmilephotography.com She did a great job and was a very good price! (I made the video) Hair $45 make up $45 done at the salon
  7. We Just got home. We had the wedding at the Catalonia Riviera Maya (we eloped). My hair and make up was done at the hotel $45 for hair and $45 for make up. They did a great job. We also used Photosmile and she took about 400 pictures! She did a great job.
  8. Catalonia has the best wedding package for couples looking to elope. We searched everywhere and booked here for July 22, 2013 Caribbean Feeling package $250 for bride a groom only. $50 for extra guest Its a symbolic wedding or vow renewal. Basic set up on the beach Flowers for bride and groom Romantic beach dinner after Music (bring your own music) bottle of wine with dinner Wedding Hair style $45 Wedding Make up $45 photographer or bring in an outside one but there is a $100 outside vender fee to use someone else. *Basic* - 25 pictures + same files = $370 USD *Silver* - 50 pictures +same files= $570 USD *Gold* - 75 pictures + same files= $850 USD *Platinum* - 100 printed photos + all files on a CD + Photoalbum + *Trash the Dress* = $1,300 USD *VIDEO packages*: * Basic* – Aprox. 20 minutes of video edited = $450 USD (includes 15 minutes before the ceremony starting in the bride’s room, the ceremony its self and a couple session) I hope this helps someone that ha been wanting to get married in Mexico without wanting to spend $1000's on the wedding. We want to spend our money enjoying mexico, not on a 15 minute wedding. Will upload pictures when we get back!
  9. We found the perfect place. Catalonia Riviera Maya resort and spa. Anyone looking if you stay at any of their resorts the wedding package for just the bride and groom is $280 simple beach set up, flowers, and romantic beach dinner after. You can also add on hair $45 and make up $45 if you want. you can use their photographer or bring one in for a $100 day pass. Their was I think $350 for your choice of pictures.
  10. We are booked at Catalonia Riviera Maya for July 22, 2013! It will just be the of us since we are eloping.
  11. Tammy and Kinsey Catalonia Riviera Maya July 22, 2013
  12. We booked at Catalonia Riviera Maya All their Hotels have a wedding package that starts at $250 and that includes a romantic dinner for the 2 of you. We canceled our first hotel to book here since the wedding was so much cheaper. We will be getting married July 22 2013
  13. I was thinking about checking out the salon as well. So I hope someone else can tell us about it
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