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  1. It's not necessarily less expensive. But you are getting alot more for your money. No nickel and diming like at the resort. Plus you get exclusivity for the most part. In the resort thou see multiple brides on your day. Jellyfish Lso does not cut you off at 10 pm. Most resorts do , and send you to the club. They can accommodate that amount of people but I wouldn't go bigger than that. But no worries, you'll figure out soon enough. If you invite 100 ( which I did ) everyone will say they are going until its actually time to pay . Lol
  2. Monica Try opening them on a regular pc if you have one available. It didn't open on my iPad but did from home.
  3. I went to see Now last month but didn't stay there. Curious to see how you felt about it. Can you send me your review Deepool10@gmail.com
  4. Melia Caribe & Paradisus Real are next door, Now Larimar is very close as well and Barcelo Palace.
  5. Thought I'd stop being a FB snob and stop in and say hello to everyone on here. Hiiiii
  6. [spoiler=Warning: Spoiler!]i gu I guess I should still come in here occasionally to check up on ppl. Lol. I'm so addicted to our FB page now hat I can't come here to red 150 posts. Hahahsba
  7. Hola chicas! So I just caught up! I turned to my FI a few minutes ago and said " all these women have their FI's Amex cards to buy shit. When do I gt mine ? He just kept changing the channel. Sigh! Lol
  8. If any other ladies want to join the FB page for this group, here's the link. https://www.facebook.com/groups/BDW2014Brides/ Makes it easier to post pics. It's a private page so just send a request , ill check your credentials and what your wearing at the door. Hahahahaha j/k
  9. If I'd known a few days ago I would have picked up a layover over there. Love Vegas! Go see so e shows. I always buy them and go by myself.
  10. It's a private group chica. And I have to approve the ppl who join.
  11. Like we need another addiction !!! Try this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/BDW2014Brides/
  12. " Babe! Come here! I just created an account on THe knot. Com , and I set us up on Google drive wedding planner" . Wtf? Is going on who is this in place of my FI tonight? Hahahahah Ladies , tell me if you can find the FB group.....BDW 2014 brides therapy session group
  13. So done here, I think Moody posted a site to organize all your address information for labels. Anyone know the site? Ladies I'm gonna start a FB page for us. Much easier I think
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