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  1. Thank you so much for posting that!! I do have some questions for you if you don't mind. 1) how many paper lanterns did you bring for decoration? Tai floral told me they would supply them for $450 plus tax and set up for, but that is WAY too much! I've found them online for about $1.50 each so I think I will do that and buy some string lighting to attach them too. How much room did they take up in a suitcase? 2) Also, where did you buy the floating lanterns from? And did you do it at the end of the reception? We were thinking of doing it at 10:30 after they kick us out and before the disco opens:) 3) Did you bring the sparklers in your suitcase? I heard you aren't allowed to bring them on airplanes (or matches which I've already bought). Did you have any trouble bringing them down? It sounds like your wedding is pretty much the same thing I have planned haha....so any answers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for your post!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by tram13 Hey mallenbride, If you are talking about the 2014 packages - unfortunately, they don't apply to me as I am getting married in 2013. Although, I heard that was something that they started to add into the upcoming packages! Oh I'm sorry, I was talking about the 2014 packages. That is crazy that they will make you pay because your wedding is in 2013! I feel like as soon as they come out with the new packages they should be available to everyone.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by tram13 Yep! That sounds about right. I am going to be renting the Piscis for a private reception. The dinner is roughly two hours, where apparently they only serve beer and wine...and it comes with 2 hours of the DJ afterwards for dancing, etc. If one wants an open bar for the two hours after dinner, I believe they quoted me something like $23 per person for the 2 hours. I kinda think charging on a per person basis is ridiculous, if all we are paying for is the bartender's time. It should just be a straight rate. That's just my rant and opinion though! I just want to add that if you get the Romance Extravaganza package it includes 2 hours of open bar after the dinner. Not sure if that helps.
  4. Ya, it wasn't the best experience, but they agreed to just wait and get my deposit closer to the date...not sure how that will help. It was just a deposit on the package I think. They didn't really say. I was confused when I got the forms and asked what the deposit was for and she just it was just to hold the date and that it was $400. So now I have not paid any deposit and they are still holding the date...go figure.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by STemple Hey! I've done quite a bit of research on the piscis as I too am having my reception there. If you look at areciffe photography's Facebook (the resort photographer) they have pics of receptions there. Also found this video a long time ago and is what made me want to get married at the resort, the too had the outdoor reception; http://vimeo.com/m/38295110 Great...thank you so much! The video is awesome!! And I checked out the pics on facebook as well:)
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Jennelle Hi girls ! I'm preparing to send my documents to the resort and I'm wondering for the credit card payment form what needs to be included on there exactly. Just our wedding package and wedding fees or photography and video aswell? Thanks Hi Jannelle, I just want to caution you on the credit card info. I sent my info in a while ago to put a deposit down like they told me I had to do. I faxed it to them because they said I could (was only $400 I think). Then my card was comprimized! I had two flights booked on my card and one was going to Jamaica and the other was booked from Jamaica. I contacted the resort to tell them what happened and they assured me it wasn't anyone at the resort...ya right! Anyway, I had to change my CC number and I am not faxing them any more details. I will be mailing my info when I send it and hope for the best.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by AngRiggs I am renting the Pisces for our reception and it is outside. there are some pictures attached to this thread but maybe not for that many people! wow great group. but you might want to know that bar service isn't included in that fee. we are paying $1700, and as of now that hasn't changed. and I have confirmation emails, so it better not. Anyway we have to pay per person for bar service after the initial reception. you rent it for 4 hours. first two hours are dinner and they serve wine, pop and juice. the second two hours for the dance include DJ but no bar!!! you can get bar service for around $23-$29 per person for two hours depending on what kinds of alcohol you want. hope this helps. my wedding is 6 weeks away and I will post a review when I get back! good luck planning. Thanks for the reply! Yes, I did know that about the bar, but we are getting the wedding package that includes bar service for the 2 hours after the dinner. Hopefully that doesn't change and they don't try to charge me by the time my wedding comes around! I was told $1,700 for the private reception at the beginning and then later told $2,500 so I'm hoping to fight that one! I hope you have an amazing wedding!! And I look forward to your review!
  8. Has anyone seen any pictures of the Pisces restaurant set up for the private reception? I'm trying to get an idea of what things will look like so I can start planning my decorations etc. We will be having approximately 70-90 people at our wedding in May, so I was wondering if anyone's seen any pictures of the venue set up for that many people? And does anyone know if the dancing and everything happens there as well? And is it outside or inside? Thanks everyone!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by STemple CristalyneAnkit, The difference between the piscis and the a la cartes is the piscis is not open at night, you are not taking it away from guests. I assume that is why the always charged 1700$ not the full $2500 that comes along with shutting down a restaurant for you. And that's going to be my argument along with I confirmed the price upon reservation and that is what I'm paying lol I was also quoted $1,700 and later it was changed to $2,500, pretty frustrating!! All of these extras are really adding up quickly! As for your question about the Canepes. First the co-ordinator told me to look through the manual and pick the canepes I liked. So when I did that, I also tried to confirm that that would be included in the package because there was a big price difference between the options. She wrote back saying, oh no, the canepes that are included in the packages are as follows: List of Appetizers that comes with the Romance Extravaganza Package MIXED CANAPES (6 per person)US12 per person Mini roasted chicken - Mini toast of Ham & cheese Foie Gras and Mousses minis Gruyere cheese with paprika MIXED CANAPES (4 Per person)US10 per person Crème cheese with Ham Foie gras Tomato, mozzarella cheese and basil Cucumber barril with Roquefort butter Tempura of vegetables Tuna with artichoke and eggplant mousse You get to pick one of the two options. I think that is also crap because why would she send me have me look through the others to begin with. I don't think that was very well organized. I am having my wedding in May of 2014 so I'll keep you posted in case I learn anything that may help you out with your planning
  10. Yes, I'm planning on having mine at Piscis as well! I was so happy when this package came out because I feel like they read my mind on what I wanted in a package. I wish the open bar was for the entire time though. I'm not sure what we will do after the two hours
  11. Hi Ladies, I was wondering if anyone out there had a slightly larger wedding (60-80 people) and opted for the private reception? I have the gazebo booked for the ceremony at 4pm followed by a cocktail hour and then the private reception. Did anyone else opt for this? If so, how did it go? The package I am booking comes with 2 hours of open bar. Did anyone else have this? Did they close the bar down right after the 2 hours or were they a bit more flexible? Does anyone have any photos of their private reception they could share so I could see how the room is laid out? Thanks!
  12. Oops, this was my first post and I screwed it up a bit the first time. Here is my response I am planning on getting the Romance Extravaganza because I also like the open bar feature and the cocktail hour. I did the math on it (with approximately 60 people) and it was wayyy cheaper to get this package than to even just have the cocktail hour. I was stressing out before this package came out because it was really important to me to have both the cocktail hour and open bar.
  13. I am planning on getting the Romance Extravaganza because I also like the open bar feature and the cocktail hour. I did the math on it (with approximately 60 people) and it was wayyy cheaper to get this package than to even just have the cocktail hour. I was stressing out before this package came out because it was really important to me to have both the cocktail hour and open bar.
  14. Hi everyone. I'm getting married at GBP in May 2014 and I was wondering if there is anyone out there that has had a bigger wedding there and booked the private dinner? I'm not talking huge wedding, but we are expecting about 75 at this point and I just want to hear some reviews on the bigger weddings and the private reception. Thanks!
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