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  1. Hey...just wondering if you have had luck finding the info you were looking for, I see I am getting married at the Riu the day before you, I have been in touch with Keisha a few times so may be able to help you.,
  2. I wanted to find a unique way to ask my bridal party, so I created a 'Bridesmaid Box' I went to the Dollar Store and bought a bunch of candy and treats I also picked up a cute gift box and a super cute and girly luggage tag I then went to Walmart and Target and picked up a few other supplies including a few of my favourite "wedding" DVD's (27 Dresses, Bride Wars and Bridesmaids). I also picked up a nail polish in the color of the dresses I want the girls to wear. P.S. the color of the nail polish is Mademoiselle by Essie I then printed off a "Will you be my Bridesmaid" template online and put in into a photo frame to also place inside of the box I began assembling all of the items into the box. I also added some cute and colorful tissue paper (sorry, no photo taken at that step) I then made a tag that said "It would be really sweet if you would be part of our special day" and tied it with some pink ribbon around some of the Sweetarts" I played around with the items getting them just right and then I was finished, I put some ribbon on the outside of the box, added the Luggage tag and put a piece of cardstock in it with her name inside, like a gift tag. and Ta-Da... my finished Bridesmaid Box They were a hit, and everyone loved them!!...how could they possibly say no when they were given so much candy! One of the best parts of this DIY was also that it was ridiculously inexpensive, see below for cost run down: Candy from Dollarstore $11.00 Luggage Tag from Dollar Store $1.00 Gift Box from Dollarstore $2.00 Tissue Paper from Target $.99 27 Dresses DVD from Target on sale for $2.99 Bride Wars DVD from Walmart $5.99 Bridesmaids DVD from Walmart $11.97 Photo Frame from Christmas Tree Shop $2.99 I had the ribbon and flower already on hand. Total cost of project was approx. $38.93
  3. Hi, I m getting married January 22, 2014 on the beach as well. I would be interested in seeing your external photographer quotes if you would like to share. I also have a few quotes I would be willing to share as well. Thanks and Happy Planning!
  4. Congrats everyone!! January 22, 2014 5pm
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