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  1. ohh good to know! thanks! would love to see some pics of your day!! did you have your ceremony on the north beach?
  2. Hi Girls! Does anyone know how strict the resort is on outside vendors? I'm looking into an external vendor for bridesmaid bouquets and center pieces but I know the resort policy states no external vendors or they will charge $350 extra! madness! wondering if there's any way to meet the vendor outside of the resort and bring them in myself with some help to avoid having to pay...
  3. I saw on the website that the max amount of people for the ceremony and reception is 80....Does anyone know how strict they are on this? I saw this AFTER I sent emails to over 95 people. Oops! Good luck BillandStina! Glad the sun is shining for you!
  4. Sounds great, thanks for the update! Good luck on the wedding, I hope everything goes smoothly for you! Can't wait to for the update following. Enjoy!
  5. oh that's great news! Shows what I know, I didn't even know there were center pieces included, I thought everything was additional! I haven't gotten a response back from my WC with any information yet, so hopefully I will soon!
  6. I hear you! We just changed our date from June next year to April, but so far haven't done much planning other than researching outside vendors for flowers and photography and different ideas for what I can bring for centerpieces to save some money. I'm on maternity leave with twins right now and go back to work in September, so i'm hoping to have majority of decisions and plans made before then since I can't see myself having much time after that! Which package are you going with? I'm wondering what the 'decorated special isle runner' is....I saw that someone said it was a red carpet....
  7. Definitely on the beach, but haven't decided between the Central or North! I read someone's review that said the Central beach was more private, which would be nice! In that same review she mentioned that the shots were flowing during the reception which leads me to believe it is an open bar (which is AWESOME, and what it should be!!) What are your plans? It's sort of scary planning a wedding over a computer, isn't it?!
  8. Wow, this site has been great to read through! We are just in the preliminary planning stages for our wedding next year and this has given me lots of great ideas! Does anyone know if the DJ package comes with the dance floor? Also, I've emailed our wedding coordinator (Elsa) but haven't heard back yet to see if the Classic Package with a private reception includes an Open bar...any ideas?