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  1. We did not have a DJ. I really wanted one but couldn't justify spending the money. I downloaded an app on my Iphone called Wedding DJ. It was awesome! We used it for all of the music, from the seating to the guests to the reception dancing. You have to download the music on your phone and organize it in playlists but it really helps organize and transition all of your music and events. The resort will have someone to play the music during the ceremony and we had one of our guests help with our music at the reception but they really didn't have to do a lot since it was all set up with the app. They will have a sound system with a mic set up if you let them know you want to play your own music. If you get the big package you get to choose a musician to play for about an hour. We choose the guitarist for the cocktail hour and he was AMAZING!! I highly recommend him and all of our guests loved his music. The bamboo room worked really well for us. We had 23 guests (including us) and had three tables in a row with one on each end (like a U). I was also worried that it would be too big but the room is actually a great size and with the table and everything set up it worked out perfectly! I personally was really happy I didn't choose any of the restaurants because they weren't very big and I imagine not very private.
  2. Stacey, I forgot to mention that I started my hair at 10:30 and it took about an hour and my make-up at 2 right before pictures started. I probably could have waited a little longer but we thought we'd start pictures sooner. However, it lasted all day and night!
  3. Thanks! The Pergola wasn't completely private, but it wasn't like people were gathering around to watch. I think it was the most private out of the other options and it was beautiful!
  4. Thanks! Congrats on pinning down the day! A beach wedding would be beautiful but just be prepared for on-lookers. We had ours at 5pm and there were still quite a few people on the beach. If your not shy (like me) or worried about sand in your heels, I'd go for it! We had ours on the pergola overlooking the beach. It was nice because it was a little more private and we still got the beautiful background. The bamboo room was perfect! We had 23 guests and used one long table inside. It definitely will fit more. We brought one piece of luggage with our decor and gifts. We brought about 25 paper lanterns for the reception, some flower tea light candle holders, Christmas lights that we put on some of the bamboo, our guest book, fans for the ceremony (which everyone loved), programs, and OOT bag things. We rented their chair bows and table runners which I thought brought a lot to the ceremony/reception. I also had them bring vases for our bridesmaid flowers and placed them around the table to add some decor. I'll post some pictures and elaborate a little more in my review, but I hope this helps!
  5. Hey everyone! I just had my wedding last Saturday, 4/19. I am writing up a review but if anyone has any questions let me know. I'd love to share any info! Hi Adrianne, Unfortunately, they don't really credit items from the packages. I tried to credit a couple things or switch them out for others and I had no luck...but it's always worth a shot! I just had my wedding last Saturday 4/19. We had the pergola for the ceremony, the blue bar for the cocktail hour, and the bamboo room for my reception. I'm so happy I choose these spots, they were absolutely beautiful! I would check though if they would work for your size of group because we only had 23 guests. We also just had our rehearsal in Carnival which is the buffet because it was the only option that would not cost for us. The other restaurants cost around $20-$30 per person. Good luck with the planning!
  6. Well now I'm getting a little nervous... I have not received any forms to be filled out. The only things I've filled out is my information I sent in when I first booked the date. Am I missing something?
  7. How soon does the wedding coordinators start to contact you? My wedding is in April and I haven't heard from anyone yet. My travel agent told me they won't start contacting me until 6 weeks before the date but I was hoping to start getting details down sooner!
  8. For those who have already had their wedding, I was just wondering what the ceremony was like. Is it in Spanish with an interpreter or did they have someone who spoke English? Also, did you get to meet the officiant before to give them details of you to make it personal? How long was the ceremony? Also, do you choose the time of your ceremony? Mine is in April and I wasn't sure if I should do 4 or 5 pm. Lastly, does anyone have prices for the rehearsal dinner and do you get to actually walk through the wedding with your party the night before? So many questions!!
  9. We did get a recommendation from our travel agent for a catamaran excursion. Their website is www.paradisecatamarans.com and they are private catamaran tours.
  10. Amarie- Thanks for the info. Hopefully the room will be just right I did not book a DJ but I really would love to... just not sure yet if it is in the budget. Has anyone else just used the sound system and an IPod? I found an app that actually helps organize your songs and the reception if you do it yourself. I think it's call wedding DJ. I've also been looking into excursions. Anyone have good suggestions? I found one place for snorkeling called Cancun Mermaid Tours (cancunmermaid.com) that is listed as the best snorkeling in Frommers and is actually right out of Puerto Morelos. I'd also love to hear some other suggestions!
  11. Hello Brides! I've been using this thread for a few months now and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everyone's advice and tips. It has helped out so much! I'm traveling to Now Jade this April with my wedding date on 4/19. So I have a few questions that I hope some of you can help me with First, I have about 20-25 guest coming and I am set to have my ceremony on the pergola and the reception in the bamboo room. I'm just concerned that the Bamboo room will be too big for the number of guests I have... I don't want it to feel empty with everyone in there! Anybody who was been there have a suggestion on this location or another room? Also, I am wanting to get an excursion together for our guests. We would really like to do a catamaran and snorkeling excursion. Anyone have a suggestion on local companies that they like to use for excursions? Thank you ladies!
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