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  1. Hi there! My fiance and I got engaged on a Carnival cruise last year and are beginning to think about having a cruise wedding! We love to cruise! These forums are very helpful and I wanted to see if anyone had any good insight on a few questions: - For those of you who have chosen to do a beach ceremony vs. having it on the ship... have you booked that directly through the cruise line's package? Or do you book directly through the island? I'm not sure if it would be more cost effective to book direct.. but then I'm wondering if the ship would give a hard time about getting wedding pictures on the ship, etc. It looks like the cruise line picks the beach ceremony location if you book through them. - Does anyone recommend an island for the beach ceremony - specifically one that has less requirements (i.e. residency for XX many hours since we will be arriving via cruise ship)? Or has anyone been really pleased their ceremony location? Our initial thoughts are to do a beach ceremony and then have a reception back on board. Thank you!!
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