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  1. Ah how exciting! February 2015! I know I'm ahead of the game but I am trying to get a good rate because it is high season. Are you guys staying at the villa? I've just been trying to compare prices of different villas. How much is elite services per head??
  2. You're right, La Mansion looks great! I will have to look into it. Are you going with Plush catering?
  3. Oh ok thanks for all the info! I'm glad I changed my mind! I'm not sure yet, my parents are heading down there in march so either they will take a look or my fiancé and I will go down with them. Which villa did you decide on? Also how many guests are you thinking? How was casa cosmos at casa tres vidas? We don't have a preference for beach or inside the villa, depends on what villa is the best. Ha sorry, so many questions!!
  4. Hey Jenna Lea! I'm looking at villas as well! Which one did you decide on? Appreciate any reviews! I was going to go with Celeste but then late in the game they said they didn't have a water filtration system in the villa. Any info would be helpful! I'm using Michael and Eva of Vallarta Weddings are currently waiting to hear from Casa Quetzal... Kerry
  5. Hi springwater, did you have an issue with villa azul and villa celeste not having a water filtration system?
  6. Has anyone gotten married at Casa Cosmos or Casa Macumba? I can't seem to find information on past experiences there. Also, is it easier to rent out a villa and have guests stay at a hotel nearby or rent out a couple villas for them to fill? Looking for some help on the pros/cons of renting out villas for your guests or just directing them to a hotel nearby. Most places have a 5 night minimum and I'm concerned that I won't have enough guests who I can commit to that. Thank you!
  7. I bet, those villas look amazing! Did they require you to book a certain Villa (Azul) in order for the site fee waived at Villa Celeste? It looks like they have a number of villas, which all look so nice!
  8. I agree, this is helpful and I appreciate you taking the time. It's so difficult figuring out all the logistics! Did you do a pre-trip site visit? In terms of guests paying for each room, how did it work with reserving a room before the wedding at the villa and payment? Did all guests individually pay you and was the room reservation all on a first come first serve basis? Also, how far in advance did you book the villa, it sounds very affordable! Thank you!
  9. Hi Steph...How did it work with your guests and food/alcohol for their stay at the villa other than the day of the wedding? Were you able to negotiate a rate so a certain meal was included or was everyone just on their own for the duration of the stay? Thanks!
  10. Thanks for all the useful info! That really is a good deal. How many guests did you have in total? I was look at 50-60 people so we would need to find multiple places for them to stay. I was also looking at Dazzling Details for planning but and they are out of my budget. How much was it go through vallarta weddings? Thanks! Kerry
  11. He Steph! Your wedding looked stunning. Had a couple questions? How much did it cost in total to go with the villa route? I was looking at Playa Fiesta but an open to options that are more affordable. Also, you were able to buy alcohol? Did the villa provide tables, linens, all the necessary dining materials? Any info on your budget would be appreciated! Thanks!
  12. Congrats on your wedding! Looked beautiful! I'm looking at Hotel la Reve as a venue and was wondering how much it cost altogether to have it there? Thanks!
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