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  1. Well im married it was beautiful more then i could ever expected family friends n most importantly i gained a new best friend my husband we now share something no one can break our love will see us through. We danced the night away fam friends n others came to watch in dis belief but it hPpened
  2. Well sincewere getting married Saturday we have to go see the hall set up tonight lay back tomorrow n friday busy busy busy hubby n yougest sons hair braided my other two boys hair cuts n me n my daughters hair done n me im wearing a tiara instead of a viel straight from china great beautiful eleganant. My dress u will wait n see till u get the whole picture... where having a multity culture buffet spanish soul food n italian lots of favors n most important lots of friends
  3. Are u guys serious i have 100 on facebook alone n thats just my friends cousins n distant family were expecting at least 150 turn around outta 250 next weekend just cant figure out how to upload my pics yet
  4. Well my wedding day is gonna be a tuff call my mom passed eleven yrs ago the 31 i picked to get married june 1 to give me something to look forward to... my big sister passed may fourth of 2000 n my grandparents on both sides are gone n my dad cant make it in cause of health issues theyve recently estimated a two mth time on my dad heart failure keeps accuring but my positive note i no my cereomony will be well guard cause my mother will be present i was her baby last born went big for a reason callin her out
  5. Just went n got my marriage license yes next week finally
  6. Lol well in regards to my june first wedding decorated 100 bells 100 bubbles 200 capias which are pretty pins with leaves n wedding bells with our name 48 toasting glasses with mints my friends who are like sisters are covering the major decor center pieces n the hall its been heck tick but almost finished am i the only one with a man that has no imput
  7. Listen im from mass n i shopped around until i got the price that matched my budget n the hrs we needed its in worcester mass 350.00 6 hours i got the biggest room in the place lucked out i guess
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