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  1. Oh my goodness...Everything was GORGEOUS! Congratulations! This is probably a crazy question...but what size of table runners did everyone order?
  2. Congrats Chris! Can't wait to see the pictures! Did you only use the resort photographer? I am and am a little worried based on what I've read...
  3. Omg wow! That is so ironic...glad we have eachother! What all are you doing for the reception...dj...dance floor...etc? I just don't know what to do:) I am doing welcome bags...so far I have koozies, flip flop manicure sets, and door hangers. I need to keep adding! What about you? Also what all are you going to bring for decorations? Thank you sooooo much!!
  4. Hi everyone! I'm new to the site so I hope I'm not double posting:) my wedding is August 6, 2013 and I feel so far behind! I'm hoping this site puts me at ease! I am still unsure what package to go with as I have 36 people going. I want my guests to have an awesome tine but don't want to spend a fortune. Any suggestions? I'm also going with the resort photographer...has anyone else? thank you all so much!
  5. Hi everyone! I am new to this site and am loving it already. My wedding date is August 6, 2013 and I feel so far behind. I still do not know what package to go with. I am having 36 guests and don't want to short them, but want to make it as inexpensive as possible. Also, I am going with the resort photographer...have any of you worked with them? Can't wait to hear all the suggestions! Thank you all so much! -Erika