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  1. Hey! Would you be able to send me some info on their weding packages!? Thanks!!
  2. Hey girls- I'm considering this resort for our wedding.. Any way you guys can post their packages? I emailed them but I am pretty sure it will take a while to get back to me since it's wedding season.. Thanks!!
  3. Hey girls- I am considering this resort for our wedding.. Any chance you girls could post their wedding packages? I want to know pricing. I emailed them but i'm sure it'll take a little while since its wedding season.. Thanks! <3
  4. I actually heard that there isn't any 24 hour room service, and also that it wasn't included.. anyone know!?
  5. I noticed in some pics that there's a dock on the water, not sure of the location.. are weddings possible on that?
  6. Is it safe to assume that gbp doesn't offer any complimentary weddings at all? That is one of the issues I have with them, considering so many other resorts offer at least one kind of complimentary package. Their prices go up more and more and I'm planning a 2015 wedding. Blah lol
  7. Okay I guess we'll see. Thanks is there a beach tulum location? Ill have to check out the thread again.
  8. By the way, does anyone happen to know the answer to this: Do you HAVE to stay at the resort you have the ceremony at? I am not a huge gazebo fan I really want a location at Akumal but want to stay at Tulum I think... ?
  9. I also tried to get in touch with someone and I found Paloma to be VERY unprofessional. She refuses to call me for some reason!! I want to ask her questions and shes so standoff-ish! She told me she should try to call me and she never did. I find it so rude and discouraging. I hear Jazmin is great though!!
  10. Hey guys- I have searched high and low all over Mexico to find a destination wedding resort that matched all my criteria and it seems like GBP matches! I am reading all your feedback and am reassured about my good feeling Most likely wont be getting married there until April/May 2015. Anyone else!?
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