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  1. Yea, yikes that would be upsetting! I thought that maybe my parents wouldn't come and that was a worry for me but they have said they are coming and my fiances parents are coming too. My sister who is my MOH though told me that because she is trying to have a baby that she is probably not coming to the wedding that she is suppossed to be in. So I have that to deal with lol. Yea, if I was having an engagement party I wouldn't have this post wedding reception. One or the other would be sufficiant I think.
  2. MrsTobeD, First let me thank you for sending me the pics. It was nice to get to see a wedding in action lol. Sounds like you had a fun but very busy trip down there!! For me, I don't care too much about the lack of privacy that PP holds. You would get that at a lot of other places with outdoor venues that are open to the public (parks etc). For me it's about the beach. I want a beautiful beach and I want beautiful pictures on that beach. PP was the best beach that I have seen from the resorts that I looked at online. My other decision for having it at PP is that it is a small resort. I want to be able to hang out by the pool and go to dinner and see my friends and family around the resort without having to make meeting times and places. I have stayed at Sun Palace in Cancun and knew that I wanted to stay at a Palace Resort. Everything is fantastic with them. The food and the bar and the service are awesome! I liked PP because it is a lot like Sun. Small and intimate but also family friendly which Sun is not. I also like that the rooms have hot tubs and mini fridges in them! I thought about Moon Palace when I was first planning my wedding but it is just waaaaay to big for me. The amenities are nicer yes, but over 2000 rooms? Yikes! No thank you!! Some of my family were a little bummed about the Mexico wedding thing but they got over it. I am having an at home reception a few weeks after we get back so that everyone can celebrate with us and not feel like they missed out completly on the wedding. It is going to be outdoors at my family's grove under a big tent and a pavillion. Nothing fancy, casual dress and picinic type cuisine. Easy to plan and cheaper then a traditional reception but will help keep my family from freaking out about the DW. I am excited even though it's over a year away!!
  3. MrsTobeD: Don't worry you have plenty of time to get stuff done. Remember my wedding is in June you have two more months more then me so don't beat yourself up to bad. I think once you have had your site visit you will feel a lot better about everything! Can't wait to see your pics when you get back!!
  4. Just finished the Save the Dates and order them as magnets from Vista Print!! They should be going out in the beginning of June!!
  5. MrsTobeD---It does sound like we are connected lol. And yes I think STD does sound funny. When I was reading the old threads from years past I always giggle a bit when I read STD. I hope the info I sent you about Fine Art Studios was good. Hopefully I have no problem bringing in an outside photographer. I really like their work and the behind the scenes videos too!
  6. MrsTobeD--------Can't wait to see your pics from your site visit!! Have fun on your trip!! Just finishing up our Save the Date cards so I can mail them out at the beginning of June. Then my fiance is going to design our passport invites and boarding pass rsvp cards so I can send those out at the end of August. I want to give people plenty of time to book their trip! I finally settled on a photographer- Fine Art Studios!!! I love their pictures and will be doing a Cenote TTD with them as well.
  7. I just booked my destination wedding at Playacar Palace for June 28, 2014 @ 4 pm!! I am very excited! I am working with Teresa as my TA who is helping me tremendously with the group block. If you need some good information I read back through the 2010 & 2011 Playacar Palace Bride thread and those ladies have lots of information to share. Now my main concern is an affordable photographer from Playa Del Carmen and my save the dates.
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    Absolute Perfection

    This is a review of:

    FineArt Studio Photography

    Absolute Perfection

    Pros: Professional, well priced, amazing quality photos
    Cons: Absolutely NONE
    Planning a destination wedding can be overwhelming! Let me help you make the easiest choice you will ever make. If you are getting married in the Cancun/Rivera Maya area book your photography with Fine Art Studios! They are the best and most professional team of individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with! Lisa is exceptionally helpful and quick with any questions you might have! We booked both a 4 hour wedding session and had a trash the dress session the next day with Diego. They were at the hotel early for our wedding and even stayed later to get all the shots for our wedding! They gave us everything we asked for with the photos. They were very quick with getting our photos back to us! We were even able to print them put to show at our at home reception. The pictures from our wedding are amazing!! We have received so many compliments on them and I am in love with all of them and they sent a ton of edited pictures to us! The trash the dress was equally amazing! They picked us up and took us to an amazing cenote and beach and the pictures are pieces of art! They are beautiful. Make sure that you book this because you won't be sorry! So make your wedding planning easy and hire Fine Art Studio to take care of your photo needs! They truly are the best in the industry and are amazingly priced for all the photos and services you receive! Thanks for all the hard work Diego and Fine Art Studios!!!!!