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  1. Hi, does any one have any experience of how long it takes to get your Wedding certificate afterwards? Is now been almost 4 months and im a bit concerned? Thanks
  2. Hi, does anyone have any advice on the Spa. I was planning to get my hair and make up done there but I don't like heavy or dark makeup, and also haven't heard of they are good. Did anyone book in for a trial? Do you need to book car in advance? Any info would be much appreciated! Sent from my GT-I8190N using Tapatalk
  3. Hi, I am getting married in the tulum section on 18th April, (planner, Jazmin) and all the information I've received has been very recent, including the flowers catalogue I can send it to your email if you want? But I'd assume if you've already picked flowers from the catalogue then you will get those ones? I did ask about bouquets not in the catalogue and got a quote of 198usd for a small pink peony and white rose bouquet. Sent from my GT-I8160 using Tapatalk 2
  4. Hi katlew I'm from the UK as is my fiance, and Jazmin told me I only need my birth certificate translated and apostilled if we want our parents names on our marriage certificate, otherwise just need passports. If you were previously divorced or are marrying someone from Mexico (according to websites I've read) there are more requirements. Sent from my GT-I8160 using Tapatalk 2
  5. Hi, I have a small party, Jazmin told me that groups of less than 15 can just order off the menu. Sent from my GT-I8160 using Tapatalk 2
  6. Claruicke Could you email me the photo, package prices as well? I've contacted them on their website but no word back! My email is eilis.odoherty@hotmail.co.uk Thank you!
  7. Holly are you having many guests? I'm feeling like a bad bride too I am terrible at creative things and only having 4 guests
  8. How much was service studios? Did you decide what package you were going with before you went or was it ok to book them once you get there? I'm unsure about pics and was thinking that I'll just take the photos incl.in the picture and then see if there are any other extra photos I want and buy them after...is this possible?
  9. Posted that without finishing my sentence!....few guests who want to get booked but I can't tell them a date! Anyway, good luck with your planning, and thank you for responding :-)
  10. Were you not stressed waiting so long for a response? I'm just worried as I've already booked my holiday from the UK, and have a fee guests who are booking
  11. Anyone getting married in gran Bahia principe tulum? I've emailed them around 10 days ago and am still waiting on a response! Anyone know what their prices are for next year and how long you waited for a response from the wc?
  12. Hi, Are you booking through the hotel or through a travel agent? How long ago did you email and have you gotten a resonse yet? I emailed a few days ago and its so frustrating waiting for a response!!planning to get married around the 18th April 2014. good luck with your planning
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