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  1. I used 4 bolts of 60 inch x 25 yard organza for the Sky Deck gazebo. This was taken the morning of my wedding after the decorations were completed.
  2. It was raining in the morning of my wedding and we decided to move the reception indoors to the large ballroom instead of Plaza Zavos. It was the best decision ever! They were able to move all of my decorations and, while not as nice as the Plaza, my guests were very, very happy with the AC. Glad your's worked out also. Congratulations!
  3. Sunset in the Caribbean is usually around 6pm give or take a 1/2 hour or so. I was married in June and my ceremony was at 4:30pm and by the time we finished taking pictures and were ready to start the reception around 6pm, it was dark.
  4. Both his parents and mine have passed away. We used custom engraved memorial candles as part of our Sand Ceremony as a way to have them present symbolically. The AS wedding planner had the candles lit and moved to the entry table for the reception. You can get the engraved candle holders at Weddingstar.com.
  5. We had cocktails after the wedding on the Sky Terrace and before the reception on Zocalo Al Fresco. It was beautiful. The bright colors made a great backdrop for the pictures. Plus, it is just a few steps from the beach and one of the swimming pools. I believe you will like it.
  6. ACJCWed, on 06 Jul 2015 - 8:10 PM, said: Awesome video ladies! Thanks for sharing I have a logistics question on which someone will be able to advise...our ceremony is at 5pm on the Sky Deck. We then have our reception at 7pm in the ballroom (I'd hope we can move this time if needed). How do we fill the gap from the end of the ceremony to the beginning of the reception? We're a group of drinkers - so naturally, we'l like to do some type of cocktail. Any advice on if it's worth scheduling a 2 hour cocktail hour between the ceremony and reception or if it would be better to just have guests go to one of the bars for a quick drink or two before entering the ballroom for the reception? Unfortunately, we've never been to the resort so are struggling to conceptualize how to move everyone/how to keep everyone entertained so that there is no downtime. Any ideas? Thanks!! We had our wedding (June 6, 2015) on the Sky Deck at 5pm and then used my 'free' dinner to have a one hour cocktail party on Zocalo Terrace ( not sure if that's the right name but it's the porch of the Mexican restaurant). We had planned to have the reception at Zavas Plaza but it had rained earlier and was very hot and humid. We moved the reception to the ballroom at 7pm and everyone was very happy to dance in air conditioning! Hope this helps.
  7. You can find the dimensions of Zavas Plaza on the BDW Official Azul Sensatori Thread. You can draw out a table arrangement with the table numbers and take it with you in June. You will have a planning meeting with the on site coordinator a day or 2 before the wedding. They handle all details and are very cooperative and efficient. I believe the person you spoke with was trying to tell you to give your table arrangements and numbers to the on site wedding coordinator during your planning meeting. She/he/they will make sure the tables are set up however you want them. It is hard sometimes to communicate with Miami but once you get to AS, everything will be taken care of.
  8. I was married on the Sky Deck last June and purchased 4 rolls of 60 inch by 25 yard sheer organza ( 2 red and 2 ivory) from Amazon. It was more than enough. I'm not sure if they still have the type and color but I highly recommend searching Amazon. I think the most expensive sheer organza is about $25-35/roll. Plus it is very light and fits easily into a suitcase.
  9. 1. You only need to supply the fabric and other decor. The hotel will do the rest. I purchased the large bouquets for the gazebo. 2. We had a champagne toast on the Sky Deck but could not have the Cocktail hour there because they do not have a way to bring food up there. We had our cocktail hour on Zocalo Terrace. 3. We had our reception in the ballroom and brought Christmas lights and lighted paper lanterns for the ceiling. The cost for all of the sent up including ceremony, cocktail hour and reception was $250 cash. They do not accept credit cards or checks for the set up fee since they use the cash to pay the workers directly. 4. Not sure I understand what up lighting is but it the hotel has to provide it, they will likely charge for it. Here are pictures of my decor for the Sky Deck and ballroom.
  10. For my tables, I bought maracas (Amois.com), personalized shot glasses (discountmugs.com), chair sashes (tableclothfactory.com), and sparkly red votive candles (Pier 1 after Christmas sale). I ordered centerpiece flowers and rose petals from Karisma. Even after buying fresh flowers, the cost a fraction of the price I would have paid if I had gone with one of the decoration packages. I have heard of brides who bought silk flowers for their bouquets but I wanted real roses. As long as you don't need something special or exotic, the resort does a nice job. I'm having trouble uploading pictures today but will send some soon. Jenny
  11. . I created my own inserts using a business card format from Vistaprint. It was really simple and fairly cheap. The hard part was finding the luggage tags. Yes. I was happy with the photos and very happy with the turn around time. A friend recommended that I pay extra for a second photographer but I chose to have one for a longer time. However, one of my friends also provided a lot of really nice photos. No, I did not do video.
  12. I got the maracas from Amois.com and find them by going through Amazon. I used Caribe Photo. But, based on comments I have read from others, I was lucky to get Denise as the photographer. She was very knowledgeable about the best locations for shots around the resort. Here are a couple of my favorites.
  13. Hi Yesica, We used Mega DJ and Caribe Photo. Both are approved Karissma vendors. Mega DJ was Fabulous! They sent a play list before the wedding and we selected First Dance, Wedding Party Intro, etc. plus about 50-60 other songs. I am not sure if they played all of the songs but every time the dancing slowed down, they played something that got everyone up and moving. They provided balloons, bubbles and fancy lights. So much fun! We selected them because they were cheaper than DJ AllMusic and we did not need MC services. I don't know how anyone could have done better. We had the 6 hour, one photographer package from Caribe Photo. Denise was our photographer and I thought she did a fine job. She took some really nice shots plus we had our prints, 2 photo albums, and 2 DVDs of all shots ready for us to pick up 5 days after the wedding. I know some brides get really excited about using outside DJs and photographers but we were very pleased with the approved vendors and very happy to not pay the $800 outside vendor fee. Married life has been really nice. We had been living together for a few years. And I did not think having a ceremony would make much difference but our life is even better now. Jenny
  14. We offered a cocktail before the ceremony and a champagne toast after on the Sky Deck. It was fabulous! The view is awesome. Plus, I didn't have to worry about sand in my shoes if we had married on the beach. The pre-ceremony drinks, ceremony and champagne toasts took about an hour. Then, everyone moved to Zocola Terrace for cocktails and appetizers while my husband and I took pictures on the beach and around the resort. By the time we got to the reception, everyone was very, very relaxed and happy!
  15. Hi Murmel, Yes, of course you can use the photos. I've added a couple others showing the decorated Sky Deck a couple of hours before my wedding. I was told I was one of very few brides who used a red and white color scheme. I thought it was beautiful. Maybe it will inspire others to use red. It really pops against the white gazebo and blue sky and ocean.
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