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  1. I know that is horrible. the photographer for the resort just got back to me. my friend is not a professional photographer but does own professional equipment (he does it as a hobby) thats what they are looking for, the equipment. however we have to provide employement documentation proving that he does not do this professionally, from his employer so we dont have to pay them. however, i think the photographer is going to use up too much of our time and i just may pay him to go away. Maybe you can write an email to the head of bahia resorts, as he is a family member and a guest lodge a complaint. this rule they have causes too much stress on brides
  2. the email thing also happens to me once in a while. I rewrite the email not just click the contact and send it. that seems to work. brides have said that they have sent their information by scanning email? sorry not much help
  3. yes i confronted chandlyn with this. this is what i was told. the photographers has exclusive right to the resort if you request that they not be part of your wedding at all then you need to pay the photographer $800 before the wedding is performed.... you can request him not be in your room. chandlyn has forward my email i sent her to the photographer. i will let u know what the response is. LOL!!
  4. Thats so much for that information, makes me feel better. i got this very stern email from the photographer at the resort which basically told me I had no choice in the matter. Saying that he has full rights to attend my meeting........ If i dont want you there who gives you the right...
  5. I completely agree with you, the invasion of privacy..... I personally dont want some random dude in my room. i emailed chandlyn to correct that issue
  6. Hi I ordered the wireless ones from justartifacts.com. The package size are approx. 15 inches by 15 inches and about 3mm thick. They are super compact. Hope that helps
  7. Hi There, I am in the same boat as you. I am booked at GBPJ but we are bringing our friend along who has a full time job and does photography as a hobby however, he does have professional equipment. I was talking to a previous bride who did the same and the photographer made a big stink and alittle scene at her wedding and insisted that she pay the $800. I called the resort and asked Chandlyn and she told me that the photographer does have to right to ask for the vendors fee if he FEELS that you have a professional guy/girl !!! That is why every package at this resort (even the free one) includes some type of photography, and they are allowed to be at your meeting with the wedding planner. There are many mixed reviews on this site about this issue. Some say it was okay, some say no! I have no idea, just don't want to give people the wrong answer and you end there minus $800 dollars. The GBPJ photographer wants to be in your room, at the ceremony, and to do couple pictures...... that is alot of time So when would your photographer be able to take control of the shoot? If you get married there after me I can tell you how it went LOL
  8. Hi and welcome to the site! Piscis, Dolce Vita, Beach,Disco and the Gazebo are good spots for private receptions.
  9. Hi there, To my understanding your family and friends are allowed to take pictures. However I got an email from the photographer for the resort which states that even if I dont hire him (because we are going with the unforgettable package and have free photos) that the photographer will still be taking 200-500 picture of you. I think they do this to assess if you do have a professional photographer with you or if it is just a friend taking pictures plus they want you to buy more picture @ $10 a picture!!!. The next day you are to go to the photo lab and they make you watch this slide show of ALL their pictures. So I think if they get the vibe that you had a photographer then they want you to pay the fee.
  10. Awesome, I heard the steel drum band really put on a great show. You have the whole day planned. ( I am so not there yet) your guests will really have alot of things to do at your wedding with a little bit for everyong. The nice thing is that you will get more time to spend with everyone. I too think it is criminal to charge $20 per person for booze at an all inclusive resort. GRRR! and they put the rental places like Piscis and Dolce and the gazebo so far from a bar that it would be hard having your guests run back and forth.
  11. Noon isn't bad, atleast it's not 10am. What you going to do in between cereemony and reception? Just an Idea....... ceremony will be 12:00-12:30 but by the time pics are done and everyone has congraulated you it's more like 1pm or 1:30.... let your guests relax and change and have a cocktail party by the pool or on the beach at like 4:30 or 5pm- it's for an hour- then make way to dinner? Some have done wicked excursions, or booking lunches, some have even liked this for a second dress? Sometimes it is nice to have a break. Plus your pics are going to be amazing in noon sun! Ours is at 4pm, Chandlyn told me that each bride has the wedding gazebo for 1.5hrs for the ceremony. (if they need that time)
  12. That would have been awesome to have that for your guests. I just noticed we are getting married the same week!!
  13. I called my carrier today (westjet) they told that sparklers ar okay as long as you tell them and they are in checked baggage. They can refuse them if you don't tell them. Also Westjet allows Sky Lanterns as long as the fuel cell is wax and does not have a restricted fuel in it?
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