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  1. I have paid half my deposit for DJ Doremixx and I leave in two days and haven't heard anything from them. No one will email me back and the phone numbers on their website don't work. Does anyone know how to get a hold of them? I'm really frustrated and nervous now.
  2. Hi JHo2013, It looks like you used your flower balls from the ceremony as your centerpieces for the reception, which I'm planning on doing as well. Did you bring vases for them or did you rent those from the resort?
  3. jypsejenny - We booked our flight and hotel packages through westjet and the wedding package with the resort. So far the wedding coordinators have been very responsive for me and I have had no problems. Sometimes the communication via email is a little difficult but I just have to extra clear and hope for no surprises. Our wedding coordinator is Alma. How have you found the WC?
  4. We are getting married Nov 7, 2013 and will be there from Nov 3 - 17. We have some people staying for 7 days, others for 10 and a few for two weeks. We booked through WestJet vacations.
  5. yasminlkerr - yes that is the dress! I loved it right from the beginning as well and I also tried on many many dresses.
  6. Thanks for sharing this amazing review, it makes me so excited for our wedding! From looking at your pictures, I think we might have the same wedding dress. You look gorgeous.
  7. Hi Oilersbride, We are getting married at the Grand Sirenis on Nov 7, 2013 and we are from Calgary. Hope your planning is going well. I believe we are skypeing with Fernanda on Sunday as well so she can help us answer some questions. I will pass along any important info that she shares.
  8. Did any of the previous brides use the DJ that comes with the Presidential Package? I can't decide if we should stick with him or outsource someone. Thanks for your help!
  9. Hey Everyone, we are considering this resort for our wedding but the only issue is that we got quoted $100/additional person for the wedding package. The wedding package is only quoted for 25 people and we estimate 75 for ours so costs really add up if we are paying $100/person after the 25 quantity. With those of you with large weddings, did you come across this?
  10. Both times that I have phoned I actually got a hold of someone. By email it seems to take way longer.
  11. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and my fiancé and I are hoping to get married at the OCT in November of this year. I noticed that the top wedding package is for 40. I'm estimating 75 for ours. Does anyone know what the additional charges are for having over 40 people? Any information would be appreciated.
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