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  1. Hey, I'm not a photo person so by no means have high standards in terms of photos so due to finances we decided that the most important thing to us was that our guests had a really good time, they had all put a lot of effort travelling to Mexico from the UK so we wanted to ensure that all our money went it to making it a special day for everyone and just went with the resort photographer as outside vendors were just too much money. The photos were pretty awful nothing that my friends and family couldn't do...infact they took better pics then him! He was clueless, hadn't got an enthusiasm,
  2. Ariadna planned our wedding.......she done an amazing job with the reception it was perfect xx
  3. Here are some pics from our wedding at Now Jade on 1st Nov 2013 xx
  4. MMmmmm this site has changed slightly since November....I have posted some of the pics that the resort photgrapher took they are in my profile under resort photo's. As i said he is very medioka and is like a wet blanket with no umph!!! :-)
  5. Hi I have not been on for awhile so I have a lot of catching up to do :-) I did breifly see comments about the resort photographer......we used him because of budgets but personally I didnt think he was any good at all, infact I thought he was pretty half soaked and had no imagination, he was clueless. We did get a few nice shots but nothing that my family members couldnt have taken, none the less I am not a photo kinda girl anyway so i am happy with some of them. I will upload some shortly so that you can see for yourselves. xxxxx The drinks are higher end and you can make yo
  6. It is true about the bacon im afraid.....didnt bother any1 in our group but we did witness it happen, saying that everytime my husband went up they went out the back and came back with a full plate for him and not because he tipped because he didnt ☺ I dont get it though xxxx
  7. We got married on 1st November. Il pop my song choices up xxx
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by amarie4713 I'm fairly laid-back and I have a flexible view of my wedding day so I don't have any really specific things to worry about, however, did anyone have any surprises once they got down there or in the planning process? I was very laid back and very sensible too because I knew only too well how how the costs would add up quite quickly. I had my colour theme, I took my favours and little personal things but kept everything within the package except for a few minimal things: I had 4 bridesmaids so i didnt add extra bouquets for them because the co
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by missdeeya This is probably a dumb question but how does one ensure that the right songs are being played at the right time when using the sound system with iPod? Not really sure how this would work! Thanks They have someone operating it. all you have to do is give them a playlist of what songs to play for "bridesmaids" "mothers" "groomsmen" and "bride" and they will make sure the songs are played at the correct time. xxx
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by missdeeya Thanks ironman - that is the exact issue i am being faced with as well. i have read on her numerous times that sometimes they will swap out certain items, i am not being so fortunate, Pilar is saying basically NO to everything i ask for as well. I think this is really unfair, it doesnt have to be an EXACT dollar amount but any sort of credit would be nice. I KNOW 100% i am not using the resort photographer, i dont feel like i should get nothing in return if i am not using them!! Ugh, frustrating! I asked if I could be credited for certain things if
  11. To be fair it must be really difficult to get lots of different shots in 1 hr which is all we had the photographer for (the ceremony) especially when everyone is calling him to take shots of them!!! If you are using him for the full day im sure u will get some beautiful pics the only advice i can give is make sure u have a list of shots you want. Who you want in them, certain poses, and tell him to only listen to you. He was too busy shooting my family members.....they wouldnt even be there to view and pick them so it was a complete waste of time. You will have more time so just go in prepared
  12. I didn't have a hair trial, I went with a picture and my extensions and I was more than happy with what she done. My mom and mother in law and bridesmaids were happy with their hair also. They are very good at what they do. Sarah
  13. Whatever is on the contract is what you pay.....everything is included. We paid by card so I am expecting a fee from the bank for international transaction fees but this is nothing to do with now jade. Xx
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