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  1. Yes I also was quoted the 15 for corkage fee. I wasn't told about a set up fee but I only have my own table overlays and chair ties and a table gift. It seems they are realizing how to get around some of fees so they are adding fees for that to. I had vinnette but apparently shes gone now. She said they would wave day pass for rashel but new lady told be....please be advised there is a 75 charge for rashel and her assistant! No way im paying 150. I would have never booked her in that case! Its only 140 for my hair and makeup!!
  2. 2 weeks away from big day. I agree the photography stuff is confusing. I had requested chris lee. I hear he is leaving but who knows sooo I will just hope for the best. Resort says I either will have mr lee or mr davis depending on what package I decide on. Apparently both will be at our meeting im told. Im going with the platinum package as far as I know. I was having diner at the grill but switched to dolce then back to grill lol. My guests and groom voted on that one! Lol although I do like set up of dolce better but that was about it. I know alot of other brides on here will be there that week as well so best of luck to you all! See you down there!!
  3. Yup she said semi private. I asked is it ok because I no someone else is there! But no reply. Either way im not looking to steel it from you lol. Really I prefer the grill but want my wedding guests infront of me rather then beside. Oh well no biggy I guess. we are getting down to wire. I ordered the stickers cause I saw your post so I checked it out. But I didnt see yours. I posted it on fb. I usually use that page now. Its easier. But still looking forward to partying with you. Either way im semi private guaranteed someone else is at grill to.
  4. Walsh I ordered stickers too! But I cant open your link to see what ones you got.
  5. Yes I didnt put the po box in when I sent it my documents. It got there in 2 days. Ups.
  6. Soontobewalsh im very excited. All seems to be going smooth. I asked the resort if they were going to change the line of tables at grill but they said no. There is another bride on otherside of resturant to. I kinda wanted a headtable with my tables infront of me to see my guests. So I asked to switch. Although I like that grill was closer to gazebo and the menu. And I don't know how that works when there is 2 parties at that place they didnt say. Does anyone know that?
  7. Have not used this wall much. 2 months to go and due to this wall I think I have changed everything about my wedding! don't have time to change anything else! Lol
  8. That link wont work. in regards to chris he said hes still there.
  9. I used ups. My friends leaving tomorrow to go to our resort. Shes getting married Thursday. I should have gave to her lol. There is no fedex in oshawa. Only a ups Vinette told me not to srnd through mail cause it can take 3 months if it even ever gets there. She said the post office is also really far so they must be sent courier. I sent it yesterday and its already there!
  10. Hey just sent my documents by courier to resort. 80 bucks! Lol was not expecting that!!
  11. I really hate that everyone get different answers and prices with this place. I booked rashel edwards for makeup and I double checked the day pass fee would be waved. They also told me if I have over 40 I had to book a private venue. I'm at 35 now. Bigger then inwas expecting so i figured i should rent the gazebo. And sooo far I have booked the gazebo for the reception dance so we could do the Chinese lanterns while there. Now I asked about a table being set up to bring my own booze down and they said no problem but there would be a 15 corking fee. Not a big deal but I will try to negotiate that more when I get there. The white chair covers I was told were free but I bought my own satin hot pink chair saches which cost 75 cents each! Instead of the 2.50 they charge for the rental of them.
  12. I heard the same thing. I'm sure it's ok as long as you don't leave resort. I don't think it's illegal tho
  13. Maybe if your trip is booked already you don't need deposit??? I'm not sure
  14. Lol omg I got the free package but have to pay approx 250 for extra guests cause only 20 are included in free package and i now have 35. then 250 for minister. i booked the gazebo with dj for 500. I also have the 500....i may do 800 package with photographer booked with resort. They said they didn't need a deposit just pay when I get there.
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