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  1. Anyone Knows if they charge a day pass for children as well to come in the hotel? If so, starting at what age?
  2. Hi! Anyone knows what type of decorations is included in the different packages? The ribbon decorated on the gazebo is it included or we have to pay extra? Or bring our own? And what are included for the chairs? Do we have to pay for the sasches? Thanks!
  3. Hey eveyone... Quick question.. Do u have any idea what the chairs from the resort looks like? I read on this forum that it is the ugly banquet chairs... But I saw on different picture that they seems to have golden nice chairs?
  4. Hi! Just got an email from the Chandlyn at the hotel saying that I have to pay a day pass for Rashel for my hair and make up???? Anyone had that answer as well???
  5. Thank you so much! Saw the video and really not satisfied with the quality!!! It helped me make a decision pretty fast!
  6. Btw is there another way we can communicate that would be easier? We could keep in touch since we'l both be in Jamaica at the same time! Do u have Facebook or email?
  7. Wow your floral arrangement seems super nice! Did it costs u a lot for all that?
  8. Wow your floral arrangements seems super nice! Did it costs you a lot with Jan for all that?
  9. No didn't find my shoes yet! I'm looking for fushia shoes! But got my dress! I'm also bringing my decorations along with me cause the resort charges so much for every tiny thing! Did you figure out what you doing for your bouquet? And for the cake? I really don't like their choices of cake!! I had so many pictures of nice cakes that I would love to have but their selection is pretty narrowed!
  10. My colors are grey and fushia! I'll definitely see you around cause my fiancé and I are staying a second week after the wedding! Where r you leaving from? We leaving from Montreal... We also booked for the club diamond - royal golden!
  11. Yeah me too... I've heard through this forum that Christopher Lee is not bad. I refuse to pay the vendor fee as well! So we going to go with the resort photography. Now we debating on videograph .. If it is actually worth it to pay someone to film. I haven't been able to see any video from them... I emailed them so ill see what they'll answer! Ok I wil verify with Rashel. Do u have to pay any fees for her coming to the hotel? I saw what she does on Facebook she seems pretty good. I'll see if she can offer a good price if I have few people that use her services. Yeah we rented the Piscis as well. I'm getting married at the gazebo at 16h. Then the reception. I think we gonna go with the free package because we expecting more than 60 ppl so the extra 20$ per person accumulates pretty fast! And you??
  12. Thanks for the info! I'll email her. I'm getting married on September 24! Did Rashel gave you good prices? And what you planning on doing for photograph and videograph? I'm so confused about their studio quality..!
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