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  1. you will not be disapointed i promise!!! he was a great MC as well. seriously wish i could go back and replay the day in slow motion lol.
  2. i couldnt agree with this more! DiscoMovil totally MADE out wedding night as well. all of our guests kept telling us how awesome the music was and how much fun they were having SO worth the money!! we are back from our amazing wedding and i just want to tell you ladies that.....YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! They seriously do an amazing job. There was not one single thing that was missed, didnt even have to reference my emails.....everything was so easy, beautiful, and amazing. the day went by so quickly, enjoy it ladies!!!
  3. Thank you sooooooo much this makes me feel so much better!!! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip! Sorry one more question! Did you have 10 sitting at each table? Thanks!!
  4. hello brides! we have 72 guests booked - the resort just notified me today that they think the bamboo room may be too small for that many people. this concerns me, especially because they always knew how many people we were going to be having, and failed to mention this to us until now. so thats another piece of the story anyways. have any of had that many people in the bamboo room and it was fine? does anyone have pictures of the bamboo room so i can get a better idea? thanks!
  5. I also have over 70 people going - things are def adding up quickly!!!!
  6. Hmmmmm this is making me think! My wedding is on Nov 24, i could def use the vases!
  7. Brit, i see your wedding is for 2015 - they must have changed it for 2015, mine is still for 2014 so that would make sense! By the time we reach 2020, i am sure nothing will be included haha
  8. I can't seem to find who was asking, but i just came across this in the planning form: The wedding package (Eternity & Divine) includes sound system at the ceremony . Are you planning to bring your Ipod or cd for special songs for Ceremony ? (In case your answers is yes please bring to us: Prelude songs. Processional songs. Bride entrance. Interlude Songs. Recessional Songs
  9. Jackie i am also wondering this! I have not heard anything good about the report spa make up which concerns me so i am also looking at hiring an outside make up artist. Let me know if you find out and i shall do the same! forgot to mention i did email the WC at the resort to ask, just no response yet!
  10. Can i ask how much you were charged for the outside vendor fee? Could i also have the price list please!!!! x_missdeeya@hotmail.com
  11. Can you please email me the pictures as well! x_missdeeya@hotmail.com Thanks! Can you please email me the pictures as well! x_missdeeya@hotmail.com Thanks!
  12. Thank you! This worries me because the first wedding coordinator I was working with told me 6-8, now the guy Fernando that has taken over for her is telling me 10 per table! Ahhhh
  13. Can any of you ladies recall how many people sit at each round table for the reception? Thanks!
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