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  1. I was there last month and went to both Governors and Smith Cove. They are both beautiful, but very different. The beach at Smith Cove is small and there is rock between most of the beach and water. Governers is wide open. I googled some pictures that I thought best represented what they actually look like. I picked the wedding picture at govenors because there was a wedding in that same spot when we were there. I think it's the usual place they set up because there are trees for shade. If you want it closer to the water you may have to specify. Hope this helps! [/img][/img][/img]
  2. Hi sydney2121, Congratulations! Yes, the place I got my flowers is on island. It's a supermarket on Eastern Ave. They don't have a big selection in store, but they can order in flowers for you. Here is their website http://kirkmarket.ky/, you can email the flower manager from there and he is pretty good at responding. I hear the best place to go for flowers on the island is Every Bloom'n thing, but they are more expensive. Cayman Kayaks gives a group discount for 10 or more people. We didn't negotiate for a cheaper price with Tours Cayman because their prices are already so reasonable. They acctually suggested we rent the whole boat because our group was so big. That was $15US more per person. I told them we were fine with other people being in our group to keep costs down and they were fine with that. Some of our pictures are on the Grand Old House website. http://grandoldhouse.blogspot.ca/2013/05/robin-and-brian-married-at-grand-old_23.html?m=1 Let me know if there's anything else I can help with.
  3. My husband and I just got married in Grand Cayman on May 1st! We had the ceremony and reception at the Grand Old House, we were torn between having it on the beach for great pictures or at the GOH were it's more private, privacy won out. We still got great pictures on the dock and some unique ones on the rocks. Desiree the planner there is great, she always got back to me quickly and had great suggestions. Some of the prices for the vendors she hires seem pretty steep but I read that you can get a better price if you hire them independently. The bouquet prices were outrageous, so I ordered in flowers from Kirks market and made 3 calla Lilly bouquets myself plus 8 boutonnieres for about $150 US. The food was great and the service during the meal was exceptional. We also had rounds of the Cayman Lemonade served throughout the day and everyone loved it! We got to choose which banquet menu our guests ordered from, but they really liked that they got to chose what they wanted to eat that day and not months in advance like most weddings. We also had the option of swapping out the desert included for wedding cake for a $200 fee which was good, but I was a little bit disappointed with the cake. It looked nothing like the pictures I sent them and it was all fake except one little piece for us to cut. I asked if I could keep the top since it was fake and was told no because they had another wedding the next day. So if you're picky about your cake and don't want a generic one they use for everybody, I would order it elsewhere. They did serve pieces of the coconut rum cake that we chose to everyone and it was devine. I used Spa Esprit for my hair and makeup as well as hair for my 2 bridesmaids and my mother. I loved them and would absolutely recommend going there! Just keep in mind that anywhere you go, the price wont be anywhere near the (starts at) price on their websites. Our photographer was David Wolfe, he seemed like a great guy and would do anything for a good shot (including climbing on a roof). We should have gotten our pictures before we left the Island but he got busy and wasn't able to meet us. He has mailed the DVD to us and we should be receiving it this week, which is not bad compared to some of the long wait times I have heard of from other brides. Fingers crossed they are good We wanted to go the route of renting a few condos close together and having people stay in groups but our guests were not unlike anyone else's and RSVP'd at the last minute. So a group of us stayed at #46 Cayman Reef resort on seven mile beach.. It was Amazing!! You can find it on flipkey.com. The rest of the guests stayed at the Morrits Tortuga club on the east end because of some special pricing we were able to get. I Do Not Recommend staying there. They are the ONLY place on the island where we consistently had bad service. It was mostly from the front desk staff, they were very condescending, SO slow, and lied about things they knew nothing about (example: saying that buying a sim card with a data plan for our unlocked phones would not work, when we said we would do that instead of paying their ridiculous internet prices. Which worked perfectly fine btw and was quite inexpensive with Digicel). Also, the beach there is full of seaweed, that they rarely clean so it smells awful, most of the rooms had ants or termites, none of the screens on the balconies worked without falling off, etc, etc, etc...). Anyway on to the better things... We really wanted our guests to have a great vacation so we planned a few excursions. Firstly we swam with the dolphins at Dolphin Discovery for half price! Courtesy of wildbanana.ky check it out, they have great deals!! We also went on the bio-bay kayak tour with caymankayaks.com and did a Turtle Farm/Sting Ray city/snorkel tour with tourscayman.net I have gone on 3 tours with them now, they are awesome and prices can't be beat! Overall everyone had a great time and were sad to leave. Which will be the same for you and your guests no matter what choices you make for your wedding. I hope this maybe helps someone, let me know if you have any questions I'll be happy to answer.
  4. Hey ladies, I'm getting married in Grand Cayman May 1st! So glad I found this forum. Mostly everything is booked, ceremony and reception at Grand Old House. Glad to hear the good reviews for GOH so far Need to book somewhere to get hair and make-up done for myself and the bridal party. Going to start checking out some of your suggestions right away. Can anyone recommend a good underwater photographer for trash the dress pictures?
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