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  1. Originally Posted by alexisinjamaica View Post



    I'm curious about all of these things as well. I think there is only sand next to the Casita but I'm not sure.


    Are you planning to do your cocktail hour AND reception on the beach? That's what I'm planning for at the moment. We'll see if I change my mind as things get closer!


    I'm planning to use the beach (not the Casita) and have them set up a bamboo structure that they'll drape with fabrics I plan to purchase in my colors. The Secrets WC sent me a doc with wedding pictures of various upgrades so this is what I'm using to go off of for now.


    Hi alexisinjamaica!  I wanted to thank you for posting the above.  We are definitely in preliminary stages of planning, and Secrets Wild Orchid is in my top two.  However, I wasn't so impressed with the Casita, so its good to know there is a beach option available.  Are you still using the bamboo structure? And did you find out if the beach area is secluded?  Thank you

  2. Originally Posted by ashley32 View Post


    Hey! I was married at the Excellence Riviera Cancun on Nov 2nd, 2012.  I did a lot of searching on this site for ideas and wanted to share my wedding slideshow to see if it helps any of you out.  Elizabeth medina was awesome and I highly recommend her!  Let me know if you have any questions.



    Your pictures are beautiful...thank you for sharing!!

  3. Originally Posted by gilkes View Post


    I agree I only got about 20 RSVPS back and have 90 guests attending!


    But the best advice I have gotten and am now giving is remember this:

    It shouldn't be all about the wedding...it's about the marriage!

    I think sometimes people get so caught up in the excitemnt of planning the wedding they forget that its only one day...the marriage is hopefully for a lifetime!


    I think your advice about ultimately...it's about the marriage...is so on point.  I know a lot of people who do get lost in planning the wedding and forget the bigger picture of everthing.

  4. Originally Posted by Billandstina View Post


    Yup...and we're paying for her flight...blows my mind!


    Wow ladies, thanks for the laugh at work reading this thread! But honestly, I'm sorry for all the difficulties you're having.blink.gif  I'm in the beginning stages of planning (2014), so now I'm nervous!! lol

  5. Originally Posted by ChocoTaco7568 View Post



    So ture, and annoying.  We have not receieved a single RSVP and have 22 guest comfirmed (per my TA) and about 8 guests that we are confident will not attend. 


    Best advice receieved thus far:

    Don't let your friends and family stress you out with their opinions and expectations. It's your day and the only two people who matter are the Bride and Groom.


    Wow!  I'm sorry no one used the good postage you sent. I guess it's a waste to keep things formal these days? confused.gif

  6. Originally Posted by alexisinjamaica View Post


    I just sent out the below email to all of our stragglers who have yet to RSVP/book. The money for the hotel is due in a month and I had to get into nagging mode. We'll see if it works! As of right now we have 29 people who have said they are coming, but only a handful have actually put down their room deposits.




    Hello Friends & Family!


    By now you should have received our save the date and invitation to our upcoming wedding in Jamaica. I know RSVPing and booking a hotel room is probably the last thing on your mind right after the craziness of the holiday season, but as we're only a few months away we wanted to reach out and see if you'll be able to join us.


    Our wedding will be Saturday, April 27th at Secrets St. James http://www.secretsresorts.com/stjames/index.asp. We are working with a travel agent to book a block of rooms for wedding guests (at no extra cost to you) and since we will be getting a lower group rate, she needs a final headcount and payment for the hotel by February 22nd, 2013. In case any of you were unaware of that date, we thought it might be a good idea to reach out and let you know. We made the RSVP date a month prior to account for this, but we haven't heard from you so we're going slightly stalker and contacting you directly. You're welcome/we're sorry.


    We realize Jamaica is a long way from here and that not everyone will be able to make it. That's OK! We totally understand! But if you could be so kind as to let us know either way if we should expect you, either by replying to this email, sending a text, posting a Facebook message, sending a homing pigeon or dropping the RSVP card in the mail (we even put a stamp on it for you already!) that would be delightful.


    Our website has a lot more info: https://alexisandjoseph.modwedding.com/  http://alexisandjoseph.modwedding.com/site/pages/153951 and Joe and I are always here should you have any additional questions!


    Much love,

    Alexis and Joe



    Thanks for sharing and your website is very nice!

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  7. Originally Posted by soonCB View Post


    We looked at Dwayne Watkins when we were looking for a photographer and his prices start at $3500. That is the minimum.


    We ended up booking Misha Earle and we are very happy with our choice!


    Thank you for the info!  I'll have to look up Misha Earle as well...

  8. Well, I think we will probably lean more towards a hotel.  I'm liking Secrets Wild Orchid or Iberostar Grand....but I have time to look at each and every hotel in Jamaica to overwhelm myself with options! lol  Just kidding...but like you said, a lot of decisions. Thank you!

  9. Originally Posted by DivaBride2Be View Post


    I have booked Dwayne Watkins Photography, his work is impeccable and he IS the best. They work well with Elite Media too which we have also booked. If yur thinking of booking im sure you wont have any regrets.


    Is Dwayne Watkins reasonably priced (if you don't mind my asking)?  His pictures are so good, it just looks like we'd pay an arm and a leg!

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