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  1. Thank you (and sorry if that was posted previously, still reading through the thread). Your set up will be very pretty! And I can definitely see having a reception near the Casita (it looks like there's an open sand area next to it). By the way, congratulations!
  2. Hi alexisinjamaica! I wanted to thank you for posting the above. We are definitely in preliminary stages of planning, and Secrets Wild Orchid is in my top two. However, I wasn't so impressed with the Casita, so its good to know there is a beach option available. Are you still using the bamboo structure? And did you find out if the beach area is secluded? Thank you
  3. Wow, I'm so sorry this happened. What unprofessionalism on Lauren's part...but I'm so glad you had someone to officiate so you could have the ceremony.
  4. I think your advice about ultimately...it's about the marriage...is so on point. I know a lot of people who do get lost in planning the wedding and forget the bigger picture of everthing.
  5. I'm glad I found this thread...Rashel's work is wonderful! But I do see she books up quickly so I will definitely make it a note to reach out to her sooner than later.
  6. JovienCO


    Welcome and happy planning!
  7. Wow ladies, thanks for the laugh at work reading this thread! But honestly, I'm sorry for all the difficulties you're having. I'm in the beginning stages of planning (2014), so now I'm nervous!! lol
  8. Thank you for sharing the link. I just wanted to make sure, did you apply for the license after the wedding in addition to what Iberostar sent in after your wedding, or did you simply take care of everything on your own?
  9. Wow! I'm sorry no one used the good postage you sent. I guess it's a waste to keep things formal these days?
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