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  1. We received several of the photos printed (some 5X7, 8X10, etc.), which were printed nicely. We got two cd's with our photos on them and we printed them ourselves and had them blown up to different sizes. If you go on their Facebook page, our photos are on their page, I believe our photo is their cover photo. Or if you go on their website our album is titled Sarah and August. I'm sorry to hear you are not satisfied with your photos; perhaps you had a different photographer from the company than we did. We had Miguel and he was amazing. We get so many compliments on our photos. They are a great company and perhaps if you are just not satisfied with the style or color of the photos you could e-mail them and tell them you are not satisfied. I'm sure they would do what they could to make the photos what you want, short of being able to actually take new photos of course. Like I said, I was very satisfied with their professionalism and their desire to want to make things perfect, so I would talk to them and see if there is anything they can do to change the quality of the photos if that is what was wrong. Hopefully that helps.
  2. Magazine-ready photos...AMAZING!!

    Pros: Great to work with, understanding, good communication, very professional, great ideas/creative, affordable
    Cons: none
    We booked Mexican Wedding Photos after reading other reviews and looking at their photos online.  When we got our photos back, they took my breath away.  I know everyone probably thinks their wedding photos are the best, but ours were truly breath-taking.  We had so many compliments from friends and family.  Family members said some of the photos look like they belong in a wedding magazine, which I agree with. It was a pleasure working with this company from beginning to end.  Their communicatio
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