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  1. Hi Ashley, the lanterns are white with a slight beige line going around, you could always get colored lights, if you wished for them to be a different color. If you go on ikea and look up white paper lanterns there is only on model of round white ones.
  2. Just thought i would mention that we are getting married April 16/13, we purchased 20 paper lantern and are going to hock a baterie operated light in it. We are thinking of leaving them behind at the resort but if anyone is thinking of using some we could arrange it with Ana you might just need new lights or batteries to put in. We are waiting on the arrival of the lights so thats why im not sure how long they last with batterie. Just leave me your email and i will be in contact, im also waiting on the price to rent the pole to hock them on i imagine it cant be that much.
  3. Hi Ladies, This has been so helpful in so many ways. We are getting married in April this year, we went last year to have a look at the resort and meet with Ana, everything was really great. Ana was so good with replying till about September and now its impossible to get a reply. Im very relief with the replies here knowing she is there for you when you get there i guess bottom line thats what counts.