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  1. Hey Mariav1025, Give talking with the WC a shot! Tell her that everyone has booked their trip and having an outside photographer is very important to you!!! She might work with you since people have been already booked. Good Luck!!!
  2. I also received the same email. I still called again because of my frustrations with getting things confirmed. I want to confirm other things as well in case of any future policy changes but Luisa has not gotten back to me with any of my emails since the beginning of February. I hope they realize that many Brides are going to go to another resort because of the photographer, management should still reconsider because $500 for outside photographer is just ridiculous.
  3. Hello Ladies, sorry for the late response!! I did call NOW Larimar and spoke with Luisa. I expressed to her my concerns and she told me that she is aware that many brides are upset and has communicated this to management. She is waiting for management to get back to her regarding this issue, so for right now she recommends for us to give her some time until she hears back from management. I just asked her to tell management about the number of brides that are upset....I truly think this can be changed...after all I did sign a contract in November 2012, four months prior to this policy change.
  4. Jennifer, Will do... If I do not here from her I will Call tomorrow and talk with her. I am fluent in Spanish and I will Put up a fight for this!
  5. I am very upset about the photography. I emailed Luisa and threatened to walk away! I hope management changes this for the brides that have already booked a wedding and given deposit to HDC.
  6. I will keep that in mind...I should ask my fiancé if he could do that! Thanks!
  7. @Lyman..thanks so much
  8. Hey Jennifer, so I talked with her regarding her approach. Lol she said the email that u sent her made her think you were fictitious because it had your photo. They have been in business for 2 years and is working on getting a website. I am wondering if anyone has used them because they said they have worked at the Now before and actually knew the wedding coordinators.
  9. Hey Jennifer, I don't know but I think it might be a language barrier but I agree I found it weird because they asked me the same thing but not as rude, they said it was protocol. I have been using google translator when sending them emails. I sent her an email asking if she new English? Will let u know what her response is.
  10. Has any one use Eventos FJ for DJ services? They have much cheaper rates than Mannia including LED lights. I have not read any reviews and was curious if anyone had used them.
  11. I have been following this blog for a while and finally decided to join!! My have booked my wedding for November 9, 2013 and am very excited. I have learned so much valuable information from all the ladies on this thread so I just wanted to give everyone cudos!! because without this thread I would have been so lost!
  12. Thanks for the info! I also booked HDC for my photographer but I also wanted to use a florist. So far El Tronco Floresteria offered the most at the best price. Working on DJ info...$990 for DJ Mannia sounds a bit much, thinking about using the resorts DJ.
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