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  1. Hey Everyone! We just got back late last night, and everything was wonderful! Before we left I started to get worried because of all the comments on here with very specific questions, and I didn't know the answers either, and I was leaving WAY sooner than everyone else. We found out quickly once we got there, it doesn't matter. All that matters is that everyone was together, and we got married. The wedding planners know what they are doing, and made everything seem like it was no big deal. We went down a week before to know the lay of the land, and get everything all planned. We met with Chandlynn the second day we were there. The meeting lasted about 20 minutes, and that was just fine. I spent a long time getting songs all picked out for the walk, and at the last second, decided against using them. Chandlynn made a couple suggestions, or just some reggae music. Robin kicked me under the table, so that's what we did. It was perfect. We seen quite a few weddings before ours that had the steel drum bands, and that was really nice too. In the end, I was happy with what we had. No problem. Chandlynn said she would pass out our OOT bags to the rooms, but because everyone came in at the same time, and we were already there, we just met everyone in the lobby and passed them out when they arrived. (I made beach bags. Inside I had the sky lanterns with a mini marker and instructions to write a wish for the bride and groom and an explanation on where and when we are setting them off, a welcome letter with our room number and info on our welcome dinners, a map with the meeting spot at the pool marked on it, a deck of cards, a thank you letter with the website of the organization that we made donations to instead of favours on the table. The bridesmaids made "Jamaican" tux t-shirts for the grooms men and Dads, those went in, as well as matching Ray Ban Wayfars for the bridal party with thank you letters inside.) We had a welcome dinner for our family the first night at Mikado, and the second with friends at the Grill. Because there were 21 of us in the friends dinner, we had a set menu, and everyone loved it. Lloyd at The Grill was awesome to work with, and very patient with us. We had the sunshine package, and that was perfect. 4:00 wedding, then 5:30 dinner. After dinner we all went and got our sky lanterns and set them off beside the gazebo. It was beautiful. So, there was my run down. The only advice I have to give to everyone is just don't worry. The point of a destination wedding is to relax and have a good time. You don't need to bring down a million things. Just go and have fun. You're not there to chase people down, and stress yourself out. Love Melissa
  2. Hey ladies, I am leaving early on Thursday for our wedding! I just want to thank everyone for the info which helped me relax and know what to expect. I'm so so so excited. And work is just awful now. I will be sure to post when we get home!
  3. Wow! I wish I would have found this earlier. I have just started dealing with the wedding planner, and I am getting nervous, everyone is planning so far in advance. We used a TA, and she has been dealing with them for over a year now, and we did specifically tell her we didn't want anything over the top, or stressful. Everyone's questions&answers on here have been very helpful. We have 37 people booked to come with us, and we are leaving January 31st as to have a week there before everyone else. (they are coming Feb 7-14th) That way we can get everything figured out, and spend time with our people. All I have left to do are the favors, and we are waiting on our bridal party gifts. Anyone have any last minute advice/things to MAKE SURE to pack? Also, I noticed a lot of you brought silk bouquets for the bridal party with them. I was hoping to bring nothing, but are extra bouquets and boutonnieres that much more money? I had budgeted on $70/ per extra bouquets. Anyone know? Thanks everyone! Cheers
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