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  1. I am having my mother make my table runner so she can make it as long as I need. Or if I end up needing multiple she customize it for me.


    Thanks for the info on DJ Mania! I will have to check out the reviews!


    I am still deciding on my reception. Currently I have 30 guests and Jessica informed me that I need 35 to have it at the Lobster House. I'm hoping she will make an exception. If she is willing to than I am definitely going with the Lobster House!


    I have to bring my maracas with b/c I know I will not have enough time to get them when I am there. I don't want to have to worry about any details once I'm there!





    Do you know how to add pics to the post? I tried it a couple of times and does not seem to work properly. I think it's operator error!

    Click on your username at the top right hand corner, then click on My Gallery, click Upload and add photos to an album. Then when you write posts, click on the image icon and add photos that way. It'll just come up as a link when you're writing but when you post it'll be a photo. I hope that helps.

  2. Do you have pictures of the jewelry she is making? Sounds beautiful. I will check her website out.


    We are hiring DJ Mannia. He's expensive but I think it will be a big weight off my fiance and I's shoulders to know that no one has to go up and mess with the music. I just want to party and dance!


    We would prefer to have 1 long table too but I'm not sure if it would be toooo long :)

    @@TealMarie Did you use Beach Wedding Studios services during your wedding? Or did you opt to not use them at all?

    Hi Karijean,


    We didn't use Beach Wedding Studios for our wedding because we already had our photographers for 8 hours. We didn't use them for our welcome dinner but that's an option a lot of past brides have used. We ended up winning a photo session with them later on in the week and used it for honeymoon photos. That could be another option if you asked them about that.


    I have no idea how to attach photos. I can't see them because I haven't reached 150 posts yet :(


    DJ Mannia has the most vendor reviews and is rated 4.5 stars out of 5! I've read reviews and they all seem good! There are a few ERC bride reviews. They have a light up dance floor, I think the quality will be good due to the equipment they have.


    I wonder if Excellence has maracas to rent that other brides have left? That would make it easier so we wouldn't have to transport them. Have you decided on reception space yet? I know you were between Barcelona and Lobster House right?


    Is your burlap table runner really long or did you buy several in order to stretch across the long table?

    You can take a trip to Playa del Carmen (or Cancun) and buy maracas at any of the stores along their touristy strips for $1 or $2 a piece. They have trips everyday from the resort to PdC or you can take a cab. Ask the concierge about their trips. We ended up bringing our maracas down there because I knew we wouldn't be leaving the resort before our wedding. Our guests LOVED them and they were all gone at the end of the night.

  3. TealMarie,


    Did you get your wedding planner a gift?  Not sure what the protocol is.



    Hi Karen,


    We gave Gloria a tip, as she was awesome and did a lot to organize it all for us. We also gave tips to the bartenders, servers (I asked Gloria ahead of time how many we would have) and the cooks. I read some articles about tipping at weddings to determine the amount. Hope that helps :)



    Hi again ladies!  My wedding is August 22nd.  I just found out today that my wedding coordinator is now Jessica as well.  Any one having any luck with her?  She has been great with responding to my emails quickly which is good but I have had a few road blocks.


    So far I have been informed that they will not waive my outside vendor fee for my own photograher even though I will not be using the in house person included in the Gold package.  I knew this was a gamble b/c I have read on this blog that they have waived it for some brides but not all.  It seemed to have just depended on who your coordinator was.  So I am not too upset about that.  I booked my photographer knowing I would have this fee.


    I am concerned about what I was told by Jessica regarding the menu.  I was told I have to choose one entree.  I know that they have allowed brides to have two options as long as they provided a count ahead of time.  I emailed Jessica today explaining that some of my guests eat fish and some meat.  I am waiting to hear back from her.  Has anyone else run into this?  I am not sure how to handle this.  I have been very laid back along the way here but I would hate to order a meal that I know only half my guests will eat.  It just seems like a waste.  Any suggestions?


    I don't think they've waived the outside photographer fee for anyone for awhile, so I don't think it has to do with your photographer. We had two choices of entrees at our reception and this was fine as long as we had everyone's choices at least a month ahead of time (name with choice) and assigned seating with escort cards so the servers knew who had what. Gloria did say they will offer vegetarian meals for anyone who requires it, if that helps. Hope your planning is going well!

  4. Hi TealMarie,


    Thank you for the feedback, especially about the shows.  It is really great feedback!  Our crew of friends typically stays out by the pool/beach till close to sun down; hence we went with later times, but it is worth considering doing earlier cocktails and dinner, even if on alternate days.  I could even see us going from cocktails straight to a show and munching our way through :)


    Our hope for dinner is the same as you describe - i.e., we hope to do dinner with a different group of friends every day (6-8 at most) and then meet up again after dinner.  The front of our card tells people to feel free to join us or create their own adventures, so hopefully we don't have everyone wanting to do dinner with us on the same night.


    Did you book your own appointment with the spa and request Elias?  I sent Gloria an email asking her whether she will or I need to schedule the spa appointment but I have not heard back.


    Thanks again for all your help!  You are a life saver!


    Not a problem, happy to help. 


    Yes, you set up your own hair/make up reservations with the spa. There's a contact form on that section of the website and they will email you back with confirmation. I think you just need your booking confirmation number if you want it put on your room tab and maybe your wedding confirmation number from Gloria.


    Karen I love this idea. I may do the same. Will you tell Gloria your schedule and have her set up reservations for you ahead of time for 6-8 people? TealMarie how do you set up restaurant reservations? All resorts are different and some are a lot harder than others.


    Hi Karijean,


    You're not able to make restaurant reservations. I'm pretty sure they do that so that the restaurant seating flows more smoothly, otherwise you would have a longer wait to get a table because a bunch of them would be sitting reserved. I think the only times you can do it is if you have one of the honeymoon/anniversary special meals, or a welcome party. Sometimes we were able to ask them at 5pm that day if we could have a table at say 8pm and it worked. Plus you should do that if you want to go to the teppanyaki at Spice, which is a lot of fun.

  5. Karen,


    Your schedule looks great and like a lot of fun (love the emphasis on cocktails). The only thing I'd consider if I were you is the night time entertainment. They put on a different show every night, they're a lot of fun and lots of people loved going to them. Our whole crew, didn't matter what age wanted to go to it almost every night and I believe it runs from 9-10:30. The stage is right by Cafe Kafe and Stars bar, so it's easy to meet up with people right afterwards. If you do want to see the shows, your 8:30pm dinners would cause you to miss the start of them, assuming at least 1 hour dinner. Also, if you're meeting everyone for pre-dinner cocktails and then saying, "Let's all go to Agave!" or whichever restaurant, it may be hard to get everyone in at the same place, even at 8:30pm. We often would meet for cocktails, split up for dinner into groups of 6-8ish and then meet up afterwards again for cocktails. 


    You can fit 50 people in the martini bar, you guys will just probably take it over which would be fun! I guess I just meant, don't expect seats for everyone. It's a great idea and everyone will have a lot of fun meeting everyone else over a lovely martini.


    They scheduled me to have my hair and make up done at 9am for our 2pm wedding, but there were 6 of us getting our hair and makeup done. Make your appointment with the spa and they will help you determine when you should get your hair/make up done. They'll schedule you for 1.5 hours but they are exceptionally fast and talented, so it was quicker than that. I had Elias, which a lot of other brides mentioned as well and he is phenomenal. Make sure to bring pictures, as he really likes seeing what you want. He didn't even really ask me anything and just started working and it turned out perfect (I did not have a trial). The makeup was great, don't worry about it. A few of the girls in my bridal party are very picky about their hair and makeup and they all loved what he did, so no worries. Just remember they do at least one wedding almost every day of the year, which makes them more experienced at it than most stylists and makeup artists in Canada or the US.

  6. Hi TealMarie,


    Thank you for the information.  This is very helpful!  I may run my schedule by you, if you don't mind, once I have it put together.


    Also, great idea about using Whatsapp!  It was my main means of communication when I lived in Mexico City for 2 months but didn't think of it for the wedding.  We're definitely going to include that on our schedule for our guests.


    HI KariJean,


    Gloria missed to mention Cafe Kafe so it was good to know that I have another option. 


    I think I had read on this forum about being able to rent some things from them.  I asked Gloria about vases in particular and she said I could rent them for $5 a vase.  I had asked her for a catalog of decor options and she said they were working on one for 2014 but she asked me to ask her for prices for anything I had in mind and they would get back to me.  For example, I was curious to see how much glowsticks would cost since I was nervous about them activating in my suitcase if I brought them with me.  She said $3 per glowstick so we nixed that idea :)


    The bouquet I sent her was a picture I found on pinterest.  I asked her if I could have something similar in the same price range as the flowers in the Silver package.  I'm still waiting to hear back from Gloria.  She's typically quick to respond but given all the information I had in the spreadsheet, I figured it is taking her longer to review, confirm and get back to me.


    We are getting married in court before we leave.  Our friend is officiating our ceremony In Mexico and that will be our official weddding date.


    Please let me know if you need any more information.




    P.S.: My understanding of the Gold package was that you get a bridal bouquet, a center piece for the ceremony and one for the reception.  So if you moved your ceremony center piece to the reception, you would have two center pieces.  If you want more flowers without having to pay $60-$70, you could rent vases and plop your bridal party's bouquets into those. 


    I'll definitely have a look at your schedule. It's always helpful to run it by a couple of people. 


    It sounds like you girls are doing great! You will be so happy having your wedding there. We have the best memories. Wish I could go back!

  7. Hi Correak,


    Yes I can definitely ask Jessica what bars are open late, did TealMarie's answers match up with any of Gloria's answers? How did you know  you could rent stuff from ERC? Is there a sheet they sent you that you could look at? I Just now got the beach gazebo decorations one and we are 3 months out! I have literally had to ask for all of the catalogues (flowers, decorations, price list, food, etc) not a problem but if I didn't have this website I would be lost! :) When you sent her a bouquet to choose from, was it a random one you found or a ERC one you had seen? Are you getting legally married there? Thanks!



    Hi TealMarie!


    Glad you are back! Yes I am sooo confused because in the Gold package I am not sure if it is included to choose a ceremony tablepiece (I know you didn't have one) AND reception centerpieces. I don't want to be paying $60-70 a centerpiece if it isn't included. If it is included how many reception centerpieces do you get to have? Did you get them on all of your round tables and did you have to pay for each of them? Were they similar to your bouquets? Jessica and I have gone back and forth 3x and I still do not understand. I should just rent the vases for my 2 bridesmaids, my bouquet and they can move the ceremony centerpiece that I know is included on the table and be done with it! Bahhh! We are going to have just over 30 people so we are going to do 1 long table.


    Also how did you know that you could rent vases? I really want orchids but they are $20 a flower, so I think I will splurge on my bouquet and then do roses for everything else. Thank you!


    Hi KariJean,


    I believe we had a ceremony centerpiece and a reception centerpiece. Yes, they can move the ceremony one to your reception after the ceremony is over. We had 5 round tables, so we had one centerpiece on one of the tables, and a vase on each of the other tables that we plunked our bouquets into. The second centerpiece that came with our package was next to the cake. I think we got two centerpieces because we had the Gold package. Yes, the centerpieces looked like our bouquets. The pictures I sent as inspiration for our bouquets and the centerpieces were just ones I had found online, not ones I knew were made at ERC.


    I didn't know I could rent vases. I had emailed Gloria some ideas and she said they could rent us some things if we didn't want to bring them. If that's the route you'd like to go, I would email her pictures of what you're picturing and ask how/if they can make it happen. They have a lot of glassware, decorations, etc that they've either purchased or other brides have left, so I imagine that's why they don't have a catalogue of it.


    Using our bouquets for the centerpieces turned out great, so I'd ask Gloria/Jessica about getting vases and say you'd like to use the centerpieces that are included for no additional cost in your package as well. About a month before your wedding, ask for an itemized invoice so you can go over everything. That way you'll be sure you're not being charged for centerpieces if you thought they were included. 

  8. Hi TealMarie,


    Thank you for your response. 


    For each day that we're there, we're letting our guests know where we will be for cocktails before dinner, dinner and then after dinner drinks.  It is optional for our guests to join us but at least they know where to find us.


    Do you know if the Sports Bar is open late?  I thought that Cafe Kafe closes early - around 6pm pr 7pm, is that correct?  What are some fun bars to grab drinks before dinner, say around 6pm or 7pm?



    Hi Karen,


    That's a great idea to let people know where you'll be going. We did something similar and we usually ended up back at Cafe Kafe after dinner where we'd let people know what we were doing for the night, if they were interested in joining.


    I have to admit I never went to the Sports Bar and don't even know where it is on the property, so I have no idea about it's hours or atmosphere. Cafe Kafe was open until 11pm or 12am, if I remember correctly. It had a great atmosphere where a lot of people would gather before dinner and they'd have a live band playing often or sometimes salsa dance lessons that you could join in or watch. As I said before, the Martini bar is really fun, feels a bit more dressy and has some great martinis, but it's busy. Not meaning you shouldn't go, it's just you might be standing while you drink, which isn't a big deal if you've been lounging and suntanning all day ;) Also, most of these bars are about 30ft from each other, so not that hard to jump ship and move to another one.


    Random tip: We had people download the app, 'What's App' to their phones and it was a great way to text people to let them know what the plan was if we hadn't run into them that day. Very handy as there's wifi pretty much everywhere on the resort.

  9. Hello karijean,


    Nothing has settled yet. For flower, I want peonies and still waiting for their reply.

    Menu - They sent tme some choices.

    Location - I will have ceremony at pier by the beach, cocktail at Las Olas and reception at Barcelona.


    I am just afraid it may rain since my wedding is in July so I picked covered place.


    What about you ?Did you pick yours?

    For all brides who has done recepiton at Foyer. Even though I leaning towards Barcelona since it has A/C.  Is it really hot in Foyer?

    Is it a private room or a jsut a hallway ? I can't really tell from pictures.

    I am going to have one long table with aout 20 people.

    Should I set up near the window so there will be breeze~ ?


    Any comments are welcome!




    I had my reception at the Foyer. It is a private room that's very pretty. It's kind of shaped like a T, with the post of the T wide and short, if that makes sense. Yes, it's very hot. Our wedding was in November and everyone was dripping in sweat during the meal and especially after a little bit of dancing. In terms of space, you could place your table by the window, as it was a bit breezy but you would have to rely on several fans. I've said it before but if it were me I'd have the reception at Barcelona or the Lobster House, especially if it were in July.


    Hello everyone, I am getting married at the Erc on May 2, 2014.  We are creating a schedule for our guests since we have 50 and we want people to know where we will be in the evenings given that everyone is arriving and leaving on different dates.  I'm having a tough time getting confirmation on what bars at open at night.  So far, I have been told Martini (lobby bar), Stars (by the theatre) and Alegria are open until 1am.  Is this accurate information?  What about the Sports bar?


    I was trying to get similar information, i.e., days when restaurants are closed but was not able to get a response from them. 

    Thank you in advance!


    I believe these are the correct bars that are open until midnight or 1am. Alegria is the dance club and it's....not very nice I'd say and not very busy, although this depends on what groups decide to go out what night. The martini bar has a lot of neat drinks and a great atmosphere but it gets busy, especially to have 50 people meet you there. There's really only seating along the bar (maybe 35 seats along the bar and another 10 in chairs off to the side) and it's more of a place that people would go to have a drink before or after dinner. If you're organizing this for 50 people I'd go with Stars. It's the bar next to the stage where they put on different shows every night. There's a lot of seating around there and there are servers to bring you drinks. You could meet people there, enjoy the show (which are really fun) and then decide whether to stay or move on to the club. Our group tended to meet at Cafe Kafe, have a few drinks and then decide where to go afterwards.


    Hi correak, I wish I could help you with your answers but I can't because our wedding date is 6-12-14. With 50 people did you choose the Gold package? What locations did you choose and have you picked out your flowers yet? I am so confused by Jessica on centerpieces. Any help on that would be appreciated.




    I'm not sure what your questions about centerpieces are. I didn't like most of the centerpieces offered in the catalogue but if you just give them a picture or two, they can make anything for you. I did that with my bouquet and centerpiece and they turned out exactly how I wanted. I also rented a few vases and had my bridesmaids bouquets in them on each table. It turned out fantastic! Also know that a lot of flowers that are affordable for us in the US or Canada, are much more expensive there because they have to import them. I was interested in peonies and hydrangeas, but these were very expensive, so I stuck with roses (they had the shades I asked for) and local (cheaper) white and green fillers. 

  10. A couple more questions for you! :)


    1. We are going to legally get married in Mexico too. Is it $200 per person or $200 per couple for bloodwork?

    2. Do you have to get your marriage license translated into English? Do you know how much that costs? I'm sure it varies per state. 

    3. How many people did you have attend your wedding? Did you have a Meet and Greet?

    4. How did you win an in-house photographer photoshoot? I would love to see more of those pictures if you don't mind sharing! The one you posted is adorable!



    Hi Karijean,


    1. It's $200 per couple to get the bloodwork. Bring cash to give the Doctor. That makes it sound shady, but it's not.

    2. We do have to get it translated into English (ahem, a task I still have not completed - oops), in order to get a new drivers license and I believe passport. We're in Canada, so the cost to us will be different, I imagine. 

    3. We had 30 guests at our wedding (which was such a perfect amount, btw). We had a 'Welcome dinner' the second night we were there. We ended up having it at the outdoor Carribbean night festival they had at the resort. It was wonderful, but keep in mind we didn't do (or want to do) any speeches or to pick our own menu (it was a delicious buffet). Gloria reserved three tables for us, which was awesome.

    4. They have music trivia every 2 or 3 days by the swim up pool. The prize is a short photo session with the resort photographers and you get five photos. I couldn't pick five photos, so we came to a price and I paid for all of them on a cd. I was so happy with this, especially because we never ended up doing engagement pictures.


    More pictures? Sure! Twist my rubber arm, why don't you? I'll be that annoying bride on here ;)


    RIC 7411

    RIC 7440

    RIC 7515

    RIC 7635

    RIC 7647

    RIC 7686

    Thank you so much for this review!  You looked amazing and seemed to have exactly what you were hoping for!  I am getting married in August and think I may change my reception option after reading your review.  We were planning to have it in the foyer but if you were hot in November I cannot imagine how hot it will be in the Foyer in August.  We might have to opt for Barcelona which scares me a bit since I have only seen it as the buffet.


    If I were getting married in August, I'd choose the air conditioning. I think people would feel super uncomfortable and grumpy if it was much hotter than what we dealt with. People were taking more breaks from dancing then they wanted because they were just soaked in sweat. Barcelona can look really great. When we were there, they had Chez Isabelle in there because the normal restaurant was being renovated. They made it look really great. I'm sure your guests will thank you for considering their comfort over asthetics in the end.


    Another option would be the Lobster House. It's by the beach, super breezy and really pretty, but I think it's only available Friday nights. Not sure on that. It's open to everything though, so people walking by around the resort would see everything. Not a big deal, but it might be to some people.

  11. Dina, I finally figured out how to compress my pictures, so I could upload them on the site. Thanks for the link. I can't believe we were so close to each other! I would have hopped, skipped and jumped over to see you if I'd realized it! 11.21.13 will always be such a special day, and I'm glad to share it with you guys :)


    Thanks for the lovely comments ladies. We're very lucky to have had such amazing photographers and they guaranteed our photos within 6 weeks of the wedding, but we got them after 3.5 weeks! Victor Herrera photography is really top notch, they were such a good choice. I can't wait to see the rest of your pictures! Please post when you get them!


    Sheena - now I can finally sign my name, without fear of someone seeing my dress before the big day ;)

    Here's a link to my ridiculously long review, if anyone is interested. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/index.php?app=reviews&module=reviews&section=reviews&do=view&id=4275

  12. Thank you for such a fantastic long review! Very detailed and you looked gorgeous! I loved that you changed dresses too, how fun! Glad to hear that it was an amazing wedding day for the two of you (as well as your guests). Gloria has already been so much help that I just can't wait to meet her. I'm also happy to hear that the resort photographers were good, we are using them for the wedding day. Lovely pictures!


    You are so welcome. I hope it can help you and other brides with some decision making. Thank you for the compliments! It was actually the same dress - the lace overlay comes off! I didn't know this when I picked it out but it sure sold the dress for me. We definitely had the best day and our guests had such a wonderful time. Everyone said they wished their wedding had been so stress free and relaxing. It also helps that you're on vacation with all of your guests, so you get a whole week to spend with them chatting, instead of just a few hours at the reception.


    Gloria is such a peach, just as sweet in real life as in her emails. The resort photographers are great, I wouldn't worry about anything :)

  13. Yeah TealMarie you are right, it's $45 pp after 20 people for reception. I was getting that confused with a private rehearsal or meet and greet dinner which is $20 pp. Have you posted a review or any photos yet? I can't wait to hear how your wedding went! Did you bring your own chair sashes and table linens? Do you know if the Martini Bar is still there at ERC? Did you have any problems with the cake not being out or being served to you and your guests? Thanks!!


    Karijean, you inspired me to write the last of my review and post it, so here's the link: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/index.php?app=reviews&module=reviews&section=reviews&do=view&id=4275


    Hopefully that works, but if not, it's under the 'Resort Reviews' under ERC. It's a super long review as I tried to write about everything I could think of and remember. 


    To answer your questions, I didn't bring any chair sashes or table linens. I didn't have room in our luggage for that stuff and I realized that I really didn't need it. I liked the look of the beach wedding set up with white chair covers and white linens hanging from the gazebo.



    Yes, the martini bar is still there and it's fantastic!


    I had read on this thread before about people having a hard time getting them to serve the cake. The servers came up to me after dinner and asked if I'd like the cake served. I said, yes, not thinking about the fact that we should cut the cake first. Ooops! So they served it, we ate it, marveled at how delicious it was (tres leches) and went on with the night. It wasn't until our photographers asked if we wanted to cut the cake that I said, "Oh whoops, my bad, it's gone!" I think they were more upset than we were about not getting those photos.


    Here's a link to our photographer's blog. They've posted a few photos from our wedding, if you're interested: http://victorherrerablog.com/?p=5019

  14. Hi Girls,


    Not sure if any of you are still reading this site anymore. I procrastinated on posting pictures over the holidays, and I'd love to put some up but now I can't figure out how to add pictures on here. It looks like you need a URL to do it, but I just want to add the ones saved on my computer. Does anyone know? We had an amazing time and the most fun. A destination wedding was so perfect for us!

  15. Hi ladies, we got married at ERC in November and had an amazing time. I will post my review (which is insanely long) after this. Everyone uses these forums for help but once people are married, not many people hang around afterwards (which makes sense, I don't plan to either), so it can be hard if you're asking for advice from past brides when it's only people planning their weddings who are reading. I would recommend for you guys to go through this entire thread. I know it sounds crazy, but I did it and had a pen and paper to jot down notes, tips, etc and by the end of it, I had almost every question I'd wondered about (and some I'd never thought of) answered for me. I thought I'd answer some of the recent questions you had, if I'm able to.


    Bethbazzel - We went through a travel agent, who wasn't that great in the end but I still would recommend for people to go through one. They can answer all of those nitpicky questions your guests have about the resort, the flights, what to bring, etc. Most travel agents will be able to get you some sort of deal, like if you book 20 guests, you get one trip free, or something like that.

    If you don't do a private dinner for your reception, it wouldn't be weird but I'm not sure how easy it would be to go to one of the restaurants. We noticed that if we had a table of more than 6 people for the restaurants, it caused a bit of a problem and we usually had to wait a long time for our table. You'd have to ask Gloria if they can reserve tables at one of the restaurants for you for a certain time.


    JessT - Ampanda used the in-house photographers and she loved them. Look back several pages in this thread, as she posted some photos from her July wedding. We won a mini photo shoot with them during our honeymoon, so we had a half hour photo shoot. He was excellent to work with and the photos turned out amazing. 

    We used the Gold wedding package so a wedding video of the ceremony was included. They film the entire ceremony and cut it down to around 20 minutes, but it included every part of the ceremony. It wasn't the best quality (or the worst), but you can hear everything we're saying and it's great to relive it. We've shown it to people probably half a dozen times (on their request, as they missed the wedding) and everyone loves being able to see the ceremony.


    IrishRose - We were going to have our ceremony at 4pm, but our photographers begged us to move it earlier because of the time of the sunset. The only way it would have worked for photos is if you do photos before the ceremony (first look, etc) and then just do half an hour of photos afterwards. The sun starts setting around 4:30pm and it's dark by 5pm, if I remember correctly. We had our ceremony at 2pm, which lasted until 2:30pm, then everyone is congratulating you afterwards, so we didn't start photos until 3pm. After the family photos it felt like we had little time left for photos of us and the wedding party. Sounds crazy but the time goes by so quickly. If you're not too concerned about getting a lot of photos, I wouldn't worry about it, but if you are, consider moving your ceremony time.


    I'm not sure if the other packages charge different prices, but each extra guest (above the 20 guest limit) is $45/pp.


    cdespres - I got married in November and it was a fantastic time of year! The weather was beautiful, sunny and warm but not too warm (around 30C), it wasn't as busy and it wasn't too hot for the wedding day.

  16. Well ladies, we're back! We had an absolutely wonderful wedding, so much fun with friends and family and then a really relaxing honeymoon. I'm going to compile some guest photos and a review for the resort thread so I'll be back with pictures. How'd it go for everyone else?


    Lydia, you looked really beautiful and so happy. I'm glad everything worked out for you, it looks like all of your planning paid off!

  17. Ladies, we leave tomorrow and are so so excited! I'm pretty much all packed, just last minute appointments and what not. Hope everyone has a wonderful wedding and let's all come back here and share our days.


    I can't wait to marry him!

  18. Quote:
    Originally Posted by jypsejenny View Post

    We are flying Air Transat as well, we fly at 7am on Sunday the 17th :-) maybe I will see you there, we have some wacky bride/groom shirts for all of us so we won't be hard to spot lol

    That is definitely our flight! We will be the super grumpy ones ;) Okay, if I see some weird coordinating shirts I will approach the women and say 'jypsejenny"? haha It will be a super super fun trip. Glad to hear your wedding party is full of fun!

  19. Quote:
    Originally Posted by DinaQtobe View Post

    Not even one week now! (til we leave anyway, a little over a week until the day of the wedding).


    I am doing a lot better this week.  We got a lot of little things wrapped up, and packing is 95% finished.  Huge relief to have that done.  I just can't wait to be on that plane down to Mexico with my soon-to-be husband!  (Hope the weather forecast improves for the Mayan Riviera - right now lots of rain for the week we are there! :( )

    We're down there at the same time as you guys are, so I noticed the weather as well. I was hoping it meant light sprinkles everyday.


    Originally Posted by jypsejenny View Post

    We fly out of Vancouver BC on Nov 17, so excited. Where are you flying from? I wish I was as organized as you lol I haven't even started to pack yet sad.gif

    We're flying out of Van on Nov 17th as well. What airline? Ours is Air Transat. You still have time to pack, it'll get done.


    Originally Posted by MrsHK View Post

    Don't fret too much about the weather! I've lived here for two years and it is almost always wrong. It has been sunny here for three days now, with just a little bit of rain at night that only last for about 20 minutes.


    For example, right now it says it is mostly cloudy but I don't see a cloud anywhere. Here's a webcam, where you can see what the weather actually is: http://www.webcams.travel/webcam/1306626123-Weather-Playa-del-Carmen-Playacar-Palace-Beach-Playa-del-Carmen


    I think there's a few different webcams on there for different areas along the coast.

    You are such a relief to let us know about the weather and earlier in the thread about customs, etc. Thanks so much for the reassurance. It's greatly appreciated!

  20. We leave in a week and we're still deciding on songs for our ceremony. Oh lawd help me! lol. Or more like: Procrastinators unite!!....tomorrow. That's us. We have an eclectic mix of music in the ceremony so far: Cranberries, Sigur Ros, Beatles, Bob Marley. Just need an upbeat recessional song!


    MelB (I keep imagining you're a badass Spice Girl) - hope you're having fun in Jamaica and that you got everything packed! 


    I feel like I'm nervous but I'm not sure what to be nervous about? When I think about it, all the important parts are sorted out. We got my FI a white shirt and dress shoes yesterday, despite his protestations that he would go shirtless under his suit as it'll be hot there! hahaha. I love him. We're finishing up our music playlist and that'll be the last item. 

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