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  1. We will also be at CUN on June 12 - around 10:30 am.
  2. The plan was not for him to see the dress, I literally just received it yesterday. Rather there is an issue to where it does not zip up past the bottom band, so I needed his help. No one else I could have asked. It needs to be altered and the zipper fixed, so he won't see the final product until day of, but I figure since we will be legally married when we are in Mexico...it's a moot point. I really wanted to keep it a secret. Hard when you are to new to an area and your friends are not around to help with things like this. Have to rely on Fi.
  3. He is involved whether or not he likes it. Seriously though, he may put up a fuss when I ask for help, but he does want to be involved. He won't admit because he thinks he won't seem manly. He has been instrumental in almost every aspect and when we are working on projects, I see him smiling so I know he is happy helping. All I have to do is ask and he will jump in. I received my dress today. I wasn't going to let him see it, but needed help zipping it up when I tried it on. I turned around and he was grinning from ear to ear telling me how great I looked.
  4. Wow, thanks for the review. We were at one point going to order the totes from Oriental Trading before we decided to scrap the tote bag idea and go with regular fuchsia and orange gift bags since we couldn't get the totes in our colors. Sorry that happened, but congrats on your wedding.
  5. Today has been super productive!!! Woot! I have ordered lots of things from VP using the January $17/75 Groupons. In addition to the $34 for the Groupons, I only paid an additional $30 dollars (which was mostly shipping) for the following: Welcome Letters - 50 Spanish Phrase Cards & Resort Map on the back - 50 Ceremony Programs - 50 Weekend Festivities Timeline - 50 More items to do on my list: The maracas tags have been printed, just need to tie to maracas. The luggage tags printed, just need to laminate. Mount the ceremony programs to colored card stock (orange and fuchsia). Work on tumbler templates (I need the mugs which I should have this week). Create menus, print and mount to colored card stock. Print my bag toppers (already created template) for Just in Case Kits. Assemble Just in Case kits. Still lots to do, but feeling better about knocking things off the list. I am waiting for 2 more things to arrive for the "Ju
  6. Just design using Publisher, PowerPoint, Word, Photoshop, etc. Save the file as a .pdf and then upload to VP. I just ordered from VP: Welcome Letter Spanish Phrase Cards with Resort Map on back Ceremony Programs Weekend Festivities Timeline I will probably just print menus at home using one of my templates from .ppt since I don't have all the info I need from the resort yet. The Groupons expired the 24th, so we just wanted to use the 2 that we bought in January. If there is another Groupon, I will prob purchase it again. But this seems to have met most of our needs to date.
  7. Strike that, I am so off on my days. We are only flying in 2 days earlier than our wedding, so really no time to run around playa.
  8. Hi. We decided to get everything here because we are only flying in 3 days before the wedding and will have other things to do like stuffing the guest bags, assembling cake boxes, etc on the 12th and did not want to run around playa looking for maracas and then having to tie the tag to them. We want to have everything done and packed the weekend of June 1 and if we need people to take things with them, then we have time to sort that out. I am hoping that 6 suitcases at 70 pounds each will be enough (we each get 3 bags as part of being AA Executive Platinum and we are also in first class.) Since we are only doing a weekend celebration, we want to spend as much time as possible with family and friends and not be worrying about wedding stuff. This is what we purchased: We ordered 15 pairs of each. http://www.amols.com/catalog/orange-maracas http://www.amols.com/catalog/pink-maracas
  9. Amols has responded and said they would ship out replacements right away. Yay!
  10. That's good to know. I hope they get back to me soon.
  11. Has anyone used Amols for maracas? We received our shipment last night and 11/15 pairs of the pink were pretty dinged up and 8/15 pairs of orange the same way. I sent an e-mail to the sales department as I was instructed when I called this morning asking for replacements. Anyone have the same issue?
  12. We are keeping it super small, just my parents and family friends who are traveling from New Zealand/Australia for the Mexico wedding. We weren't too keen on having our blood drawn and were not going to meet the 4 day requirement to be there 4 days before the wedding with our work schedules. Plus, this gives us the opportunity to have friends officiate. One of our friends who is a lawyer became ordained in CA to marry us and we are having a friend officiate the Mexico ceremony. Plus this way I get 4 gifts in June. Our anniversary, June 8, June 14 weddings and birthday. Need to get Fi on board with this plan.
  13. We are doing our legal wedding 6 days before our Mexico wedding. Do you think that doing the legal portion ahead of time will take away from June 15? We are planning to kiss and do the ring exchange and all that jazz. We have a friend marrying us and the people who will be in attendance will also be in Mexico. We are keeping is as a casual bbq. We are excited to do both weddings, in fact, Fi wants to wear his wedding band now. Just wondering how many other brides think doing the legal portion ahead of time will take away from the DW one. We are super excited for both.
  14. Where did you get the insect wipes? That's the last thing on my list. We will have everything that we ordered by Thursday. Yay!
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