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  1. Thanks so much for your kind words and support, @brownsugarbride. We are trying to decide if we want to even waste our time pushing for anything. To be honest I don't really want a trip back to that place, and we didn't really feel like we had a chance of getting any money back... I appreciate the kind note
  2. Just wanted to say you don't sound like a complainer. I wish I'd read your review before we booked. We had the same horrible experience...only worse! Just curious why you even rated them as highly as you did. What a disaster. Oh well, the worse the wedding, the happier the marriage!
  3. We did our rehearsal "dinner" cocktail hour on the beach. Minus the fact that is when we apparently all started spreading illness, it was wonderful. everyone kicked off their shoes, the bar set up was great, etc. The only concern we had was our older guests walking on sand, and they mostly sat at the tables and everyone came around to talk with them.
  4. I'm not sure but I know you can find it on the website. We had the the grand ocean view suite and it had the access to the "Concierge Lounge" on six, but our travel agent worked it out so that all our guests who booked through her had access to the lounge, regardless of what floor. This was denoted by black wristbands. The loung was nothing that special. just a room with a pool table, snacks, liquor and a fridge with mixers, but since we had so many folks on that floor it became a good accidental meeting spot. It was kind of by accident that so many of us ended up on this floor, but like I said it worked out great. With that level of room we also go to eat one dinner at the Royal. We went to the patio restaurant and I can't remember the name now, but it was delish! They just brought out round after round of appetizers for us to enjoy. The main courses were so-so - most of us ordered steaks forgetting that in Mexico most steaks are cut really thin. But, it didn't matter because of all the other food they served us. Two of our groomsmen shared a room and had the clear Royal wristbands that gave them full access next door, which is how we found out about it. It was a pretty high level suite I think. I didn't see it but I heard it was very nice and I know the boys hung out there drinking at late hours a few times. Everyone kept joking that it was the honeymoon suite. Especially after they came back from a night of drinking to find rose petals everywhere. That was actually a pretty common occurance... My uncle traveling alone had a romantically decorated room, and two of my girlfriends recieved chocolate covered strawberries decorated like little grooms. =P
  5. We had almost 70 guests, and only one couple chose to stay at the Royal. A few others upgraded their room so high at the GCR that they had full Royal access which I would have done if we weren't trying to spend so much time at GCR with our guests. The food at the Royal the one night we ate there was amazing! Giving guests both options is definitely the way to go. Anyone who can afford to and prefers a nicer hotel can stay at the Royal. Even our parents chose GCR though, because they felt that they would be there anyway acting as hosts. I really like the idea too of upgrading to the room level that gives you the Royal wristband. The Royal pool is much nicer, and the food was excellent. Again, maybe not worth it for the wedding couple unless a lot of your guests are at the Royal and you want to have 'access' to them. Another thing that I wish we'd done was figure out what level room the family all had and tried to make it the same for folks who want to be together. My husband and I, his family and several of our guests were all on the 6th floor. It has a little concierge lounge that we would always run into people at which was great, becuase almost every time we went by the elevator we could pop in and see someone. (Also it was a great place to snag a bunch of bottled waters for your room.) But, my parents had chosen a different room level and were not on that floor. I think they felt a little left out. If they had known they would have just booked it from the get go, but it was too late once we all arrived and the floor was booked. Same if you DONT want to be around everyone, try to figure that stuff out in advance. I.e. it might have been awkward if we were right next door to our parents. Last thing while I'm thinking about it, in our welcome bags we included those foam disposable ear plugs and they were a huge hit! The sound echos in the hotel, and people are sharing rooms, etc.
  6. Hey girls, we got our video and photos back from the resort and I'll just say that I highly recommend you use an outside photographer. Our package included 25 photos so although we booked someone else to take pictures, we still had some from the resort photographer. The snap shots our guests took were much better and I didn't even bother to pull them off of the CD. We also got the video and it could be the circumstances behind our wedding but we didn't think it was worth the money, and the videographer was sort of a jerk. He was very in our faces when my husband was sick after the ceremony and I was clearly upset and trying to take a moment away from the crowd to compose myself. I had to actually ask him to give me some space at one point. I get that's his job, but he was blatantly rude to us at a couple of points, kind of as if he was laughing at our situation... Anyway, there were parts of the video they clearly should have edited out where we look terrible. My husband is clearly trying to keep it together at one point and not be sick, and instead of showing me, the priest or the crowd, it's just zoomed in on my husband looking like he is about to pass out or something. Instead of editing around what happened, they built up the drama of it. Clearly that is not how we want to remember our wedding. Obviously had our wedding not gone so horribly, the video wouldn't have shown this, but besides that the quality was just kind of so-so. My advice would be if you really want the lowest cost video, and just the basics, the $500 package is fine but adjust your expectations. If you are thinking about going to the higher packages and spend $1000+ anyway, and the video is important to you, I'd probably suggest going to an outside videographer. Hopefully this is helpful.
  7. Hi girls. So with several people sick at the same time after eating the same thing we really thought it was food poisoning. Then yesterday afternoon a couple more people came down with it so we figured it was a virus. For most of us it was a 12 hour thing but some got it worse. Unfortunately the timing could not have been worse. My poor husband has not been sick in about three years but he barely made it through the ceremony (which the priest shortened for us quite a bit) and we were unable to attend our reception at all. We took about 10 minutes of pictures together and he just could barely hang in there so we took him upstairs and everyone had the reception without us. We hear the reception was a lot of fun. We are of course crushed at the time and money that went to waste but at least we hear the reception was enjoyed. We are feeling well enough today to travel i think and hoping our honeymoon is better. Sorry for the lack of reviews.
  8. Hello from Cancun! We got here on Thursday and everyone is having a blast. On Friday most of our guests arrived so we had everyone meet in the lobby bar for two hours to meet. There was more than enough space to take over and it put everyone right into the celebratory mood. I definitely recommend it! Last night we had our rehearsal in the chapel which we led ourselves. Paying for that time was not at all necessary. Sunday mass is at 11 am so just avoid that time and other weddings. We had our rehearsal dinner on the beach with heavy apps. They were delicious. My favorite was the smoked salmon. Unfortunately I liked it less at 2 am when the food poisoning hit me. Ugh! I am taking it easy for a couple more hours until we have to get ready at 11, but feeling better enough. Fiancé and parents are everything too and were fine but I know of two others who got sick as well. Fortunately it's not as bad as Emily's experience and my parents friend had some strong antibiotics. We also had the mariachi band at the party last night which was great! Hair trial yesterday went well and our beach massage was to die for. Mani pedi wasn't great - she kept stabbing me with the cuticle tool. Oh well, price of beauty. Posting from my phone so sorry for rambling. More when we return next week.
  9. We leave day after tomorrow and our wedding is on Monday! Wish me luck and I will try to report back while we are there!
  10. We leave a week from tomorrow and I'm so nervous I'll forget something important! Besides the obvious things like sunscreen and my wedding dress, does anyone have any ideas? So far besides the obvious, I have: garment tape, seasick patches (honeymoon fishing trips), gift for hubby on wedding day, all my necessary paperwork, travel bottle of febreeze for when we inevitably have to recycle outfits, aspirin etc...
  11. I am so sorry to hear about this Emily! That is just awful - of all the times in your life to get food poisioning... Thanks for the heads up. I hope you're able to feel better and enjoy your honeymoon.
  12. Girls who got married in the chapel - did you do a collection? If not, did you make a personal donation? I was asking my onsite WC about how many people we needed involved in the mass/ceremony and she mentioned a collection. I don't really want to send the basket around at our wedding and make our guests feel awkward. I'd be pretty surprised if anyone had cash on them anyway. I'm wondering if we should write a personal check for a couple of hundred dollars in lieu of the that. If the priest's parish gets it, I would love to make that donation, but if it is just going to the resort's chapel maintenance or something I don't really feel obligated.
  13. I did not have much luck trying to contact the priest directly. My first WC gave me the church's contact info and I was able to get a response from him, then it was holy week and he basically fell off the map. But as soon as my on-site coordinator stepped in she has been the liason between me and the priest. He approved all our readings and set up a meeting time. Actually our meeting time is in the chapel right after a wedding. So if anyone here is getting married May 25 at 4pm I promise to hang out and wait from afar I was working on the program and she also sent me this to help: PROCESSION IN. (Priest walk in first in both processions; in and out). Mothers walk in and light Unity Candle, Bridesmaids and Grooms man walk in. (Song or music, optional). Bride and Father enter, (Song or music, optional). Greeting by Priest. INTRODUCTORY RITES: Penitential rite (I confess...) Opening Prayer LITURGY OF THE WORD: (1st Reading, Responsorial Psalm, 2nd Reading and Alleluia verse) 3 voluntaries for the readings. Gospel reading and homily (both are done by the priest) RITE OF THE SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE: Introduction, Questions of intention, Consent of Vows, blessing and exchange of rings, lighting of Unity Candle. LITURGY OF THE EUCARIST: (Preparation of the altar and the gifts (collection) 2 voluntaries for the baskets. (Song or music, optional). Prayer over the gifts. Eucharistic prayer: Preface, Acclamation, Eucharistic prayer (Consecration) COMMUNION RITE: Lord´s Prayer (Our Father), Nuptial blessing. Sign of peace, (Song or music, optional). Communion, (Song or music, optional). Period of silence. Prayer after communion. CONCLUDING RITE: Greeting, Solemn Blessing, Dismissal. Kiss, Sign of the papers (four witnesses) (Song or music, optional). RECESSIONAL. (Priest walks out first in both processions; in and out) (Song or music, optional).
  14. Our wedding is just a few days before yours - May 27 Still can't decide on the dang video... haha
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