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  1. @megssweet1... just wanted to give you a heads up. I do not think they will do the trade. Go ahead and try though in case they changed policy. I tried trading something before my wedding and the only trades they did was like for like (i.e. reception item for reception item). Cross trades between types were not allowed (i.e. reception item for photography, spa treatments for something non spa, etc.).
  2. @Briandluna I have stayed in both the pyramid rooms and the tower. They are exactly the same unless you get one of the larger suites. It may be a few square feet bigger, but not by much. Depending on when you go, there may be birds that squawk in the morning at the pyramids, so if you are late sleepers you may want to take that into consideration. We were always at breakfast by 9:30 AM to spend as much time in the water or doing whatever as possible. If you want a big room, I'd go with one of the bigger suites in the tower or the 5th floor in the pyramid (they have a living room). However, you're rarely going to be in your room. The make up and hair sessions (if you have it in your package) are at the salon. The only time I was in my room was sleeping, getting ready for dinner and putting my dress on an hour before the wedding (which will include pictures with your girls. I had the photographer come out there and take pictures as well. As far as the lighting, no it was not blinding unless you look directly at them. I was concerned when we first got there, but they are so high up that they are out of your normal view. Items I thought were well worth the money: 1. Lighted Dance Floor 2. DJ 3. Centerpieces 4. Bows for chairs (this will color up your wedding if you want to keep the white table clothes) 5. The buffet (you can mix and match the menu for both cocktail hour and the reception - I highly recommend the shrimp sate at cocktail hour, my guests are still talking about how good it was) You don't realize how much you are bringing until you start packing. The only thing we didn't have them do is the escort cards for the guests. The only wedding coordinator I used was the one at Dreams. They have packages that you can pick from with regards to everything you will need to decide. You can change up the flowers, etc. based on what you are wanting. If you see something that you like, you can email it to them and they can make it as well. I can send you the documents with the choices they sent me if you want. For those wanting to do wedding passport invitations, I used www.custompassports.com, she did an amazing job, was quick and was definitely less expensive than everywhere else I looked. We also did Thank-you postcards through http://forevercleveronline.com/postcard.html. I do recommend getting the envelopes though. We didn't and the post office ran them through their stamper even when we asked them not to and destroyed a couple of them. Relax and enjoy yourself. Once you have everything picked out, they do it all. It was an amazing experience! Definitely a whole lot less stressful than planning a wedding in your home town.
  3. Hi there... honestly the basic ocean view room I think is the best. They pretty much have the same view as the tower, only the tower will have a higher view if you happen to get one of the high floors and will have internet. The dolphin view however, although can be pretty, you should only get if you are able to get the high floor (4 or 5). The dolphins can be loud and the swimming with the dolphin sessions start pretty early in the morning. You will be able to hear everything. I'll send the photo's off to you shortly.
  4. I wanted to post about Caribe beach. We loved it there. It's really not that windy and you will welcome it after you start dancing. The lighting is great because they bring out bright lights and aim it towards the reception along with the lights from the towers. There is a restaurant there as well, but it's a lot further off than Himatsu. The Japanese restaurant can literally look over the balcony and down at the tables. Caribe beach is definitely more private and we felt like we had the whole beach to ourselves. They do not put you all the way down by the water. There is no bar to walk to (that I can remember) but the waiters will bring everything to you and they are fast. Also, just a side note, I've vacationed at this resort for years and the Himatsu beach has been shrinking in size due to water levels rising. Don't get me wrong, Himatsu beach is still a beautiful location. It will really depend on what you are looking for with regards to privacy. I've attached 2 pictures (1) lighting from building (2) Additional lighting.
  5. Hi Ladies, Just had my wedding a couple of weeks ago. I absolutely loved it. Below is the link to our slideshow. We also went with adventure photos. They did a great job. We purchased the $1,000 all day package. I think it was worth it because you get an additional 100 photos, a photo book. After your allotted amount, the pictures are $15 each or they offer you a package price for all of them. We also had the dance floor and the DJ. It was definitely worth it. Everyone had so much fun and we didn't have to worry about anything. We did not have 40 guests, but we paid for 40 at the reception to get the buffet. It was well worth it. We only had to pay for the actual guests for the cocktail hour and chair decorations. When I compared pictures, I noticed that if you have your wedding about 2 hours before sunset, you will have more time to take pictures (with family, friends and more locations). However, this will be a trade off if you want the sunset in the background. http://linton.dreamsresortcancun.adventurephotos.com.mx/#/slideshow-1/ Good luck planning! I'd be happy to answer any questions as well.
  6. Your going to need to call. They don't respond very quickly via email. You get things done faster and get your questions answered faster if you call them.
  7. Does anyone know when you have to give your final headcount numbers to the resort? I'm trying to get my invitations ordered, but need a reply by date. Appreciate the help.
  8. Does anyone know when you have to give your final headcount numbers to the resort? I'm trying to get my invitations ordered, but need a reply by date. Appreciate the help.
  9. Paloma Bonita is not very good. We have stayed at Dreams for a vacation the last 3 years and have decided to get married there in 2013. We finally ate at that restaurant last year and were not impressed at all. As far as beach receptions. The side by Himitsu has soft sand. The side on the bigger beach has crushed shell. The night club next door is fun (and is part of the hotel). The drinks for the bar are included in the hotel package as well. Hope this helps!
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