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  1. LADIES!!! I was married at GRAN CARIBE REAL JUne 8th, 2013. I haven't had time to post a review, all i can say is that i was truly pleased with the way things turned out. My wedding coordinator was amazing, there was nothing i asked her to do that she refused! Here are a couple of pictures provided by Royal Crew more to come and I will post the link to my review soon! Happy planning, and if you have any questions feel free in contacting me. We got married at the Chapel, had Cocktail hour at the Albatros Terrace and our ceremony at the Albatros Salon next to the Terrace. It was truly mind blowing and the guests were really pleased and impressed! Everyone had a blast. Here's a quick preview!
  2. I am so sorry to hear this. Hope you'll are able to enjoy your honeymoon!
  3. We have our final paperwork on Wednesday! Any brides getting married the weekend of june7th!?!?
  4. She is pretty quick to respond but does stick to the books for almost everything which is quite a bummer. I will definitely give you more details about the visit as soon as I return and I will be taking lots of pictures to share. Hope she responds to you and accommodates, when is your wedding?
  5. Hello Ladies! Happy Wedding Planning, Definitely this page has made the process so much better. I log on everyday excited to read some of the updates. My wedding Date is June 8ht, 2013 at Gran Caribe. I will be visiting this weekend! Photographer appointment, DJ prospects, and other vendors to check for updates. I will post pictures of the visit when i come back! Katia is my WC she has been very helpful so far, answers our emails fairly quickly. Check your junk mail for those of you that haven't recieved anything, at the beginning all of her emails would go straight to junk mail. If this isn't the case, sorry!!
  6. hELLO ornxoxo! Katia is my wedding coordinator, She is usually pretty good at responding the most she has ever taken is about a day. I have also sent her lengthy emails in the past asking a million and one questions and she has been very helpful until now! Hope to have the same luck throughout this experience, we are getting married June 8th, 2013 at the Chapel and I will be visiting in two weeks. I will send updates when I do. Thanks! and best of luck with the wedding Planning! Naiely
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